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What Is Snack Time Like At Your House?

It seems like my kids eat a TON and I feel like they want a snack every ten minutes.  We try to give the kids a good healthy breakfast followed by a mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack then dinner.  Sometimes we throw in an extra snack during the day and for the most part we try to keep it simple and healthy.

I recently took the Bagel Bites “Snack Simply Pledge” pledging to make simple and wholesome choices at snack time.  Also for each pledge, Bagel Bites will donate $1.00 to Boys & Girls Clubs of America (up to $50,000).  How can you go wrong here you are vowing to be a better parent at snack time and making a donation to a great organization all at the same time.

So far so good on the snack front.  We typically will give the kids things like bagel bites, yogurt, fruit cups and granola bars for snack just to mention a few.  The thing Melinda and I learned is keep it simple.

Here are a few snack time tips:

  • Keep it Quick and Simple: You don’t need to spend more than 10 minutes to prepare a good-for-you, wholesome snack that kids will love. If you spend much more time, it’s probably more complicated than it should be and chances are kids won’t like it!
  • Get Fueled for Activities: Remind active children that food is the fuel for sports, dance, active play or any kind of movement. Share with kids that top athletes in all sports rely on wholesome snacks for peak performance.
  • Get The Kids Involved: Kids really like taking part in making the food that they eat and are more likely to enjoy it because they helped prepare it.

Sometimes we fall off the wagon and give the kids cookies or maybe some ice cream for dessert but this isn’t necessarily a bad snack/treat if given in moderation.

Just remember keep it simple and they will come!

What do you normally give your kids for a snack? We could use a few more ideas. LOL

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