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Turn Errands Into Field Trips to #UnclogYourDay

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If your house is anything like ours it’s busy and when I say busy, I mean from sunrise till sunset. Some days it feels like we are running nonstop, carting the kids around and checking errands off the list such as grocery shopping, trips to the home improvement store or even projects in the yard. Days like these can put a damper on the quality time we spend with the kids, so we’ve learned to incorporate some fun into these trips and projects.

Trips to the garden center tend to be dirty, heavy and confusing. I don’t know what veggies work in our garden or what kind of plant food Melinda wants. Venturing into the home improvement center can be a great learning opportunity for teaching the kids about fix-it projects and tool recognition — providing a little lesson in tools and supplies. I can remember taking similar trips with my father when I was young, and they certainly were able to help me later in life. It makes me feel good as a dad when the kids want to be involved in what I am doing and want to take a ride to wherever I’m going.

While it would be easier and faster to just run these errands by myself, we need to realize they offer quality time with the kids. Best of all they enjoy going and we have a good time together.

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  1. I drive my son to school each morning so we get added talk time together. It’s the perfect way to sart the day.

  2. DiPaola Momma says

    Okay this is going to sound funny but we BIN-over-backwards to unclog our days. With four kids, 1 in college, 1 in middle school and 2 in elementary, our house is “clogged” with books, papers and to-do lists galore. I won’t mention the cats and hubby’s contributions. So I assign everyone 2 bins a piece. One near the front door for them to drop everything into. Let’s face it they’re going to just drop stuff at the front door anyway, might as well have an organized place for it. One in the family room, where I can put signed papers, lunch money, notes and reminders. It works, I know it sound strange, but hey I never said we were normal.

  3. We get my step-daughter on weekends (only some of them), and a lot of our time together is spent in the car taking her to and from our house. I’m getting my husband to turn off the talk radio when she’s in the car, because I remember what it was like to visit with my dad and be bored to tears by talk radio. We talk when she’s in the mood for it, sing, play games, or just listen to music, which is still a major improvement over talk radio when you’re a kid!

  4. Donna B. says

    I take my son with me to run errands, too. He loves to browse in the local hardware store, or plant nursery 🙂

  5. Donna B. says
  6. Jeff Legg says

    We try at least once a week do play a family game, weither its a board game or electronic Wheel of Fortune or something like that. We also try to go out as a family at least once a week. Hard to do with an impaired child, but you have to try. Often its just a walk along the Detroit river down in Wyandotte at Bishop park, or some other park. In the winter its off to the sleding hill. Just do something!

  7. Donna B. says
  8. My daughter is 15 and many times our worlds spin on opposite axes; many times I’m leaving for work when she’s coming home from school. On weekends, I volunteer to help her with her chores just so we get a chance to talk. Not only are we doing something together but we often get a chance to touch base on what’s been going on with her during the week. We have 3 long-haired dogs and sometimes we both go outside with the brushes and comb the dogs while we talk. A lot of times I’ll ask for her help in the kitchen; not only is she learning some cooking skills but we get a chance to communicate without the distractions of computer and tv.

  9. Chelsea Reboulet says

    We like to garden together, and take long walks with the dog.

  10. I take my 21 month old Daughter everywhere with me for the most part. I don’t have the music on in the car so she can ask “what’s dat” every couple seconds and I can answer. I have also found a new trick of letting her play in the sink with a measuring cup and bowl while I cook dinner. This way we can talk and interact and she isnt in front of the TV!

  11. When we are all home we do dishes together. lts of talking laughing and problem solving~

  12. Every Sunday is family day. We go to church and then the rest of the day is spent doing things together.
    All of my kids friends know that Sunday is our day and to not even bother asking if our kids can play. We also dedicate time on Monday nights for what we call Family Home Evening. The kids each also have their own special time with Mom or Dad.


  13. ginette4 says

    My daughter comes with me on errands, I make a list of where to go and what to pick up, she is in charge of the list and lets me know when I arrive what I need to pick up, she loves helping out.

  14. Donna B. says
  15. My grandkids and I walk the dogs every morning

  16. Donna B. says
  17. Donna B. says
  18. i always make sure to have fun with my son for the hour before he goes to school so that he is a happy boy at school. we also always read and snuggle every night..it’s the routine and he even asks for it
    nannypanpan at gmail.com

  19. Donna B. says
  20. Leslie Galloway says

    Time in the car is a great time to have conversations with your kids about their days. They’re not as distracted as when we’re at home or out at a restaurant, and they answer more fully. It also keeps them from asking… “How much longer!!???!” 😉

  21. Leslie Galloway says


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    user: GallowayLeslie

  22. Angela A says

    I try to clean or fix up things on the weekends and I also involve my kids in the clean up and help. THey don’t mind helping out when it is the whole family and making it fun with an ice cream treat in between.

  23. we actually schedule in family time. wed we try to have dinner with my dad, thurs dinner with his parents. and one night a week just our family together to do something fun- like the park, a movie, walk, etc. i’m not crazy about scheduling every minute but do find it happens more if we put it down as a priority!
    hancoci_s at msn dot com

  24. kathy pease says

    we have a movie night to rent movies and have pizza.we go to our kids soccer games which is fun and we love to play badmitton out in the yard 🙂

  25. kathy pease says

    rss google feed subscriber kathypease(at)gmail(dot)com

  26. Steph A says

    We squeeze in quality time by walking the dog to get the mail together and going to the park!

  27. Donna B. says
  28. i use errand time to catch up with what’s going on with the kids. they’re a captive audience and i make sure we talk rather than sit in silence.

  29. brian e. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…my wife & I use the weekends to maximize quality time with the kids.
    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  30. Donna B. says

    I Subscribe to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too!

  31. Donna B. says
  32. susan smoaks says

    we live in the country so going to town is always a fun trip for us, we plan a day of it and go on a weekend to get everything we need for the week!

  33. addrienne mertens says

    my son goes with me to do all types of things. especially shopping. hes learning the fine art of sales and geez that costs too much and i also am The Party of NO! he knows he cant manipulate me into getting him anything he wants. i want him to know you cant just go out and spend every cent you have on stuff you just dont need.

  34. I always take the kids shopping even if it’s just groceries. We talk about the day and the things we are buying.