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Turn Errands Into Field Trips to #UnclogYourDay

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If your house is anything like ours it’s busy and when I say busy, I mean from sunrise till sunset. Some days it feels like we are running nonstop, carting the kids around and checking errands off the list such as grocery shopping, trips to the home improvement store or even projects in the yard. Days like these can put a damper on the quality time we spend with the kids, so we’ve learned to incorporate some fun into these trips and projects.

Trips to the garden center tend to be dirty, heavy and confusing. I don’t know what veggies work in our garden or what kind of plant food Melinda wants. Venturing into the home improvement center can be a great learning opportunity for teaching the kids about fix-it projects and tool recognition — providing a little lesson in tools and supplies. I can remember taking similar trips with my father when I was young, and they certainly were able to help me later in life. It makes me feel good as a dad when the kids want to be involved in what I am doing and want to take a ride to wherever I’m going.

While it would be easier and faster to just run these errands by myself, we need to realize they offer quality time with the kids. Best of all they enjoy going and we have a good time together.

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