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We Learned, Created and Shared our LeapPad and Tag

Each year there is a new hot electronic toy for kids and we usually end up indulging before any real research. This year that must have toy for kids is the Leapfrog LeapPad learning tablet. Tablets are all the craze right now, we have an iPad and the kids love it but I don’t love them using it. The LeapPad is JUST FOR KIDS with a built in camera, video recorder, activities and games.


set up and play within minutes

Our family hosted a “Learn, Create and Share” party for Shae and some friends to try out the LeapPad and Tag Reading System. With a bowl of frog gummies, froggy faced cupcakes and lilypad placemats we started our party with tasty snacks of course. The real fun began when the kids got to work on activity sheets and testing out the Tag and LeapPad for themselves.


fun with the tag

The set up was easy, hook up to the computer to download apps then hand it over to let the kids explore and have fun. Shae’s first game was Jewel Train; a puzzle game that gets minds thinking. Her new favorite thing is taking pictures so as soon as she found out there was a camera she went snapping away. The quality was good as long as there was enough light. The included software allows kids to manipulate pics with funny faces and drawings.

As a parent I looked for some other features. The size was perfect for small hands with buttons large enough not to miss and materials that weren’t slippery (like the iPad). The response time from when the children tapped the screen and when the movement or action happened was instant. This is important especially when you have impatient kids that will keep clicking or tapping resulting in the wrong answer or outcome. As a whole I’m pleased with the LeapPad and expect it to last many years.

LeapFrog products are a staple in our house. In fact about 10 years ago we purchased another item called a LeapPad; a completely different product than this one but it is still regularly used. Shae’s My First LeapPad is still going strong and has been handed down to my niece. The Leapster was Shaun’s best companion and found a new home with a younger neighbor. Learning can be fun and LeapFrog makes this very clear in every gadget they put out. The library of additional games and apps available for purchase is much larger than other kid devices I’ve seen out there and BONUS for the LeapPad and Tag; there are NO cartridges to lose.

Learn to read, create, write and play with LeapFrog.

I received free LeapFrog products in order to host a Learn, Create and Share Party. LeapFrog did not influence my opinions expressed here as a result.”