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Why Do You Just Touch My Dog?

For the most part I am a pretty friendly pet owner but I absolutely hate people who come up to Sam and just pet him without asking.  How do they know my dog won’t bite their hand off?  Also, why do they assume I even want them to pet my dog in the first place?  People wouldn’t come up if you were pushing a baby in a stroller and just pick the baby up or begin to touch the baby.  Most people would just comment on how cute the baby was and move on.  People need to learn to do the same with pets.

I was telling Melinda that when someone pets Sam without asking first I am going to pet them back without asking and see how they like it.  I am 100% certain they aren’t going to appreciate it and might even get pissed off but I really don’t care.  I actually hope they get pissed and ask why I pet them so I can tell them that they pet my dog without asking so I figured it was ok to pet them back without asking.

Do you own a dog? Are you ok with people petting them without asking?

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