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What do you want for your birthday

My birthday is coming up. You might think my wish list is super long but I’m quite a low maintenance kinda girl. The splurge of the century is an upcoming girls weekend at the beach with my best friend. We’ve been talking about it for years and finally made the move and booked it. Before I reveal more details about it, I would suggest you to check this site for some amazing birthday wishes in case you want to wish your grandpa a happy 70th birthday with some lovely messages.

As for other things I want my list is pretty small. I like jewelry. I’ve been eyeing antique skeleton key necklaces on Etsy like the one pictured here. Anything with a little thought put into it means so much.

courtesy briguys girls on etsy

I know it isn’t very special or sentimental but I love kitchen gadgets and supplies. Pretty mugs, shiny baking sheets and spice blends are a great way to get me to try new recipes and techniques. The other day I got an email that I treated as an early birthday present. The Fairy Hobmother offered me a $100 Amazon GC just for sharing this post with you. You can score a visit from the Fairy Hobmother too.

Comment below and make a wish for something you’d want for your next birthday. The sponsor will be choosing a comment(s) and granting wishes with $100 Amazon GCs. have fun with it!

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