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What do you want for your birthday

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My birthday is coming up. You might think my wish list is super long but I’m quite a low maintenance kinda girl. The splurge of the century is an upcoming girls weekend at the beach with my best friend. We’ve been talking about it for years and finally made the move and booked it.

As for other things I want my list is pretty small. I like jewelry. I’ve been eyeing antique skeleton key necklaces on Etsy like the one pictured here. Anything with a little thought put into it means so much.

courtesy briguys girls on etsy

I know it isn’t very special or sentimental but I love kitchen gadgets and supplies. Pretty mugs, shiny baking sheets and spice blends are a great way to get me to try new recipes and techniques. The other day I got an email that I treated as an early birthday present. The Fairy Hobmother offered me a $100 Amazon GC just for sharing this post with you. You can score a visit from the Fairy Hobmother too.

Comment below and make a wish for something you’d want for your next birthday. The sponsor will be choosing a comment(s) and granting wishes with $100 Amazon GCs. have fun with it!

I Disclose

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  1. I’d like some nice winter boots. Mine are getting a little raggedy.

  2. I need a camera so badly – mine finally gave out on me! I’ve been using my iphone to take all of my photos! My birthday wish is for a new camera – or a gift card to buy one!

  3. Lindsay says

    My birthday wish is completely unrealistic, but I want a new laptop so bad. But not just a laptop…a MacBook. I know! It’s ridiculous…but I want one!

  4. Amy W. says

    My birthday wish would be a getaway for my husband and I. It’s been two years since we were able to have a Friday night alone without having to do something around the house or go grocery shopping.

  5. Jenny Stoltzfus says

    A PARTY!!!! 😀

  6. Lori A. says

    I have a hard time coming up with wish lists…there really isn’t much I want. I don’t really have a problem receiving practical gifts. I would like a couple of Chicago Metallic cookie sheets and muffin pans. 🙂

  7. My birthday is coming up in February. I think I would like some new supplies for crafting!

  8. I would really love some new fabric for sewing projects! I could go nuts with all of the different projects that I want to make. I also would love the new Kindle Fire!

  9. stacy h says

    I would love money to buy new flowers for my gardens next year!

    hancoci_s at msn dot com

  10. I want an office for my birthday.

  11. Baby number three is on her way and my birthday is not until next August. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to take the weekend away with my husband, since we never really had a honeymoon. Wish us luck =P

  12. I wish for a gift card of any sort! I love looking for stuff to buy.

  13. I would like to go out to dinner at Michael Chiarello’s restaurant Bottega in Napa.

  14. Christine W says

    For my next birthday, I would love to receive two plane tickets so that my daughter and grandson could share the occasion with me.

  15. I’m a gadget girl so I’d want a new pocket size camera. 🙂 Also, a great deep-tissue massage would awesome!

  16. Renee Richardson says

    For my next birthday I would love a nice camera. I have one now but it is time for an upgrade. Thanks to you and The Fairy Hobmother for the wonderful giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  17. Jennifer Mylchreest says

    I would like an amazon gift card for my son, he just turned seven and due to divorce, bancruptcy we were able to celebrate with a party. I know hw loves us but I would really like to suprise him.

  18. Terri S. says

    I would love to get a Keurig coffee / tea / hot chocolate maker with those easy to use K-cups for my birthday. Thanks! 🙂

  19. Shannon says

    I want a pair of jeans that fit me, especially this mama who’s constantly bending over.

  20. Jennifer h says

    I’d love to get an ipad2 case so it protects my 3 yr old from dropping it on our hardwood!

  21. This is super cute! I would love backsplash for my kitchen. : )

  22. Whitney says

    I wish for a new wedding ring to replace the one I lost. It’s been a while now, and it’s time!
    Happy Birthday to you! I hope all your wishes do come true!

  23. Angie Appoo says

    There’s so many things on my wish list but I am into kitchen gadgets too. I’d love the Babycakes cake pop maker and Donut maker. It would be fun to make them with my daughter, and also great for entertaining. PS> My daughter loves to help with cooking and baking, and it’s a wonderful bonding as well as educational activity. I love it.

  24. Stephanie says

    My wish for my next birthday would be to receive a professional Canon camera because I love photography, but do not have the proper items to pursue it.

  25. Bernice Brown Serrano says

    I too would love a camera. So many precious memories were not captured because I do not have one. Holidays, Birthdays, Visiting Family, have all come and gone and I didn’t take a single pic 🙁

  26. For my next birthday I want to be able to take my children someplace fun. I don’t like to receive gifts. Sure it’s nice but I would rather see the smile on their faces and have fun with them for my birthday because, after all they are only kids once.

  27. Tracie Trump says

    I would love a weekend getaway to Walt Disney World for my next birthday!!!! tracietrump@yahoo.com

  28. Michelle says

    I feel like I live in our kitchen, between cleaning up and making meals, a majority of my time is spent in there. And what gets me through the cooking and cleaning is music. My CD player/MP3 dock just went out and I am going nuts without it! I would be over the moon if I had a $100 to buy a new one…maybe even one that mounts under the cabinet, freeing up precious counter space! Thanks for the chance!

  29. Angie B. says

    I don’t need a lot to make me happy. My splurge is usually when I find some of my fave makeup brands on sale. I love Urban Decay cosmetics but they’re a bit pricey normally. I have so much fun getting new makeup and having a just about any color to work with. Doing my make up is a little pick me up for the day.

  30. I know what I’d use it for. My teenage son needs a coat for winter!

  31. Michelle S says

    I would like a Stackable Porcelain Cappuccino Cup & Saucer Set for my b-day which is in 2 weeks

  32. My Mom is coming for a visit this next month and I would love to redecorate our dining room table with a table cloth, placemats, napkins and a centerpiece, etc. for us to enjoy as we share meals for her visit. This is the first visit she has made across the country in 4 years… which is not since both my kids were born.

  33. I would love a video camera. We have not had one in the 8 years that we have had kids. My kids would love to have some video memories of grandparents.

  34. Tiffany LaCourse says

    I would love a new DSLR camera for my birthday! (Which is 11/22) lol 🙂

  35. Hmm… where to start? I lent my digital camera to my sister, so I could use a new one. I also would love to have a breadmaker. Then again, my son is in college and could always use something, from food to sheets. There’s just no easy way to pick one thing! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  36. Tracy Robertson says

    I would love a weekend trip for my next birthday, maybe somewhere where I could visit a day spa and take a swim!