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Holiday Gift Guide for Teens

Frilly dresses, plastic army men and cartoons on DVD are a thing of the past when you have a teenager to buy for now. It’s not always fun especially when you can’t quite pinpoint their particular style. Sabreena and I have a great relationship but I hate shopping for her since I never seem to get it right. I’ve come up with a distinctive list of shopping ideas for teens that I think are sure to please.

Yogibo-Enjoy the ultimate in personal lounging! Yogibo is a lightweight, Styrofoam bead filled bag that molds to the body of whoever is sitting in it. Yogibo comfy loungebags, supporters and accessories offer a comfortable alternative to propped up pillows, lap desks and stools. Sabreena’s been using her Yogi Mini as a seat for doing make-up and hair and watching TV. The bright green color of the Yogibo is an exact match to her bright green and yellow bedroom.

yogibo mini as cosmetic tool

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress Topper-Teens tend to lack the proper sleep these days, at least mine does. She does hours of homework and studying each day and wakes up early just to get ready for school so she’s never getting a full night’s sleep. Rob and I have been using our Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress Topper for several months and often find Sabreena sprawled out on it moaning how comfortable it is. I know I’ve have some of the best night’s sleep ever on that thingso why not indulge your teen, maybe it’ll pay off in the end, better sleep, less grump.

3 inch memory foam mattress topper

3 inch memory foam mattress topper-sleep innovations

Staples for gadgets and gear– Every teen or tween I know these days has an iPod or iPhone so why not get them the accessories needed to get the best performance from them. A docking station so music can be played loudly for you child and her friends to hear is a great addition. But what about then the music needs to be silenced to other ears; Beats by Dr. Dre earbuds are the solution. Staples has tons of ideas for the techie teen in your life.

beats by dr.dre earbuds

Just Jen Personalized Tees and Clothing– Is your teen full of school spirit? Let her show it off to the fullest with a custom hoodie of Swarovski crystals in her school colors or cheer message. Maybe she’s trying to show off her true self of being a Daddy’s Girl or best Big Sister ever. Whatever the passion or message get it emblazoned in sparkly shine on a tee or hoodie with Just Jen Custom and Personalized Women’s Clothing.

just jen cheer tee-gifts for teen

personalized cheerleading tee from Just Jen

Backpacks and Messenger Bags from Pottery Barn Teen– Teens collect lots of stuff in their daily travels. School work, cosmetics, gadgets and more can take up valuable space in pockets and purses. Get them organized and on the road quicker with a fashionable backpack or messenger bag.

messenger bag or backpack from pottery barn teen

Dali Decals Room Décor- Whether she’s the rocker or he’s the nerd, decorate their rooms to suit their personality. Dali Decals are an inexpensive and original way to bring a room to life with a message or design that best fits the inhabitant. The decals aren’t permanent so when they outgrow that bright pink flower it can be easily changed to a skull with no damage to the wall.

dali decals for teen bedrooms

Gift Cards and Certificates– Its sounds so impersonal but they are the perfect gift. Teens especially are hard to buy for; trends and tastes change daily and there isn’t anything worse than wasting money on a present for it to just sit and collect dust. Even with my own I try not to buy clothing or shoes or even cosmetics without her present; I inevitably am wrong about what she’s going to like. Here is a list a really cool and unique ideas that appeal to teens;,,,, and

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