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Monster Trucks = Awesome Time

Shaun and I are HUGE Monster Jam fans and will be attending a show this Saturday in Baltimore, MD.

Shaun and I went to two shows last year, one in Philly at Lincoln Financial Field and the other one was in Baltimore, MD at the M&T Bank stadium.  The show this Saturday is going to be very different for Shaun and I because this show is inside.  Yup you heard me right inside.  The two shows we went to last year were in pro football stadiums and those shows were loud even though they were outside so I can only imagine how loud the show is going to be inside.

I do have ear plugs for Shaun and I but I might have to upgrade to headphone like grass cutters wear.  I want to make sure we have the proper ear protection because those monster trucks are going to rock the place and I would like to be able to hear once I leave.

Shaun and I In Baltimore with Monster Mutt Dalmatian driver Candice Jolly

I am super excited for the show on Saturday and I know Shaun and I are going to have an awesome time.

This is Me and Shaun’s favorite truck – Lucas Oil Crusader

I was thinking about taking Shaun to Vegas for the World Finals on 3/23 and 3/24 but airfare was super expensive.  Maybe one day the World Finals will be closer to the east coast and Shaun and I will be go but a least we live in between Philadelphia and Baltimore so we can see twice as many show.

Click HERE for show times, locations and tickets.

Have you ever been to a Monster Jam show?  If so what did you think?  If not you should look to go ASAP!

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