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Decorating Easter Eggs #Fail

Easter is days away and while we don’t do the whole Easter Bunny shtick I thought it would be fun to do something with dyeing eggs. I got my April issue of Family Fun in the mail and in it they had this adorable and simple looking activity for making Easter Egg Hats. I thought, Perfect! Super Cute and not oozing chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks.
Decorating Easter Eggs #Fail
The first step was simple, dye the eggs. I had everything, even had neon dye. I love the colors.
Decorating Easter Eggs #Fail
The next day I pulled out all of my craft supplies and a few random things that I thought we would need and set out to get these little hats made.
Decorating Easter Eggs #Fail
At first I was excited as I thought about the supplies I needed and how to get the right shapes. The first egg made was a princess. I couldn’t figure out how to make the cone. I started with a triangle but it just wasn’t coming out right. So I made a cone then trimmed to a flat bottom. Shae decorated the cone with sticky jewels and ribbon, viola, a princess. I placed it on the egg, it fell off. I put it back on, it fell off again. This went on and on; so I glued it.
Decorating Easter Eggs #Fail
The next one was chef, he was my favorite! A simple strip of paper and a tissue was all it took. Again trimmed to fit. Again glued in place. I let Shae draw his face with a Sharpie, cute.
Decorating Easter Eggs #Fail
The Rockstar was a royal pain. I had to Krazy Glue his Mohawk on and hold it in place to get the right look. Cutting a tiny star from sticker foam was just a stupid idea.
Decorating Easter Eggs #Fail
King and Easter Bunny were simpler to do and I liked the outcome even with King’s obvious skin condition. At this point Shae was thoroughly annoyed that she couldn’t do more. I figured she’d be able to help more but there was a lot of waiting, while glue dried.
Decorating Easter Eggs #Fail
bunny easter egg, Decorating Easter Eggs #Fail
The Spring Bonnet was almost the death of me. I literally wanted to throw it across the room but knew I was the one that would have to clean up the soft yolky mess. Her hat was a disaster; it wouldn’t stay on no matter how much glue I used. I set them all up like a wacky little family, took a picture and had lunch.
Decorating Easter Eggs #Fail

That issue of Family Fun already made it into the recycling bin.


  1. I wouldn’t call this a fail, super creative and fun! They are all cute.

  2. Well, I for one think you did a fantastic job! All the hats turned out great…even the rock star, Star. =)

  3. I love the rockstar! No way is this a fail. 🙂

  4. They look great! Sounds like it was a pain though. I hate it when those creative projects become a “watch mom as she does everything” ordeal. Happy Easter!

  5. That is no fail. They are super cute!

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