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Having No Insurance Is Stressful

Health and dental insurance is something that everyone should have but due to one situation or another doesn’t.

My family for example doesn’t have health or dental insurance because Melinda is a stay at home mom and I am a contractor for a bank.  Being a contractor has it benefits but its one HUGE drawback is no insurance benefits.  Thankfully our family is pretty healthly so we have avoided having to pay any huge medical bills out of pocket.

I was just talking to Melinda today about having to get Shaun and Shae in to see the doctor as they both need physicals and Shae will probably need a few shots.  Shaun needs a physical to play football in August and Shae because she will be starting school in September (Crazy that she is starting school already).

I am not sure how other people feel about having no insurance but I get freaked out and have even looked into buying it directly but the cost is so high I am having to gamble and pray nothing serious happens to anyone in my family.  I have always taken health insurance for granted because I have also has full time direct hire jobs where health benefits were provided but it has been a stressful year and a half for sure.

Do you and your family have health insurance?  If not how do you get through?

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