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Stainless Steel Garage Anyone?

I was watching something on TV the other day and they showed a garage that I would call the ultimate man’s garage.  It was filled with awesome cabinets, long work benches and more tools then you could imagine.  The type of garage that I might possibly sell my kids to have, LOL.  Well maybe I wouldn’t go that far but it has been a dream of mine for a long time to have the ultimate man’s garage.

During the summer months I spend a good amount of time outside and in the garage doing different odds and ends and projects.  Currently I have an ok set up but it would be awesome if one day I was able to take it to the next level.  What I mean is maybe some nice stainless steel cabinets throughout the garage instead of $30 metal  shelving units from Home Depot.  I also would love a really nice workbench maybe 12-15 foot long so that I would have a nice space to not only work on different projects but a place to store my things.  Some new cabinet style tool boxes would be awesome because my current tool boxes are overflowing at the moment.  It is crazy how many tools I have accumulated over the years without even realizing it.  A lot of them I have purchased but some I have mean a lot to me because they came from my grandfather and using the same tools he used to me is just awesome.

My current garage would need so much work to make is just right.  I would have to start by looking at new steel garage doors to replace my current because why make the inside look so nice if the outside still looks like crap.  After I replace the garage door I would need to move inside and replace just about everything in order to have it just like I would want it.  Also, let’s not forget that a new garage takes times and money which I have neither of, LOL.

I am sure some day I will have the ultimate man’s garage but for now I need to make my current setup work which it has been for over ten years but man would it be nice to have a new set up.

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