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Our Place, a place for teens App review

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our place networkOur Place is an app created by Louise Palanker that gives tweens and teens a place to talk and post about issues in their lives that they may be uncomfortable discussing with parents or even friends. I’ve spent the last few weeks browsing and exploring all of the interesting chat rooms that the app has to offer. I’ve seen some interesting and helpful discussions and had some great conversations with people while using Our Place.

Our Place is a Social and Support and Creativity Network for Teens and Tweens, featuring expert advice from Teen Specialist, Louise Palanker

Our Place is designed to encourage and reward Cyber Kindness, cooperation, and compassion.

At Our Place, teens are talking about: life, love, boys, girls, dating, flirting, friends, bullies, parents, school, family, gay issues, puberty, sex, fears, depression, dramas and dreams. The more advice you give and receive, the more awesome you will feel about yourself and your place in the world.

The layout of the app is very easy to navigate. I really like that the “Courtyard” is broken down into so many sections. It gives you the ability to find what kind of topics you want to discuss, whether they are serious and personal or more of a fun chat. The advice section is always crawling with users who are ready and willing to talk about issues that you may have. It’s divided into Friends/Peers/Bullies, Dating/Romance/Crushes, Family, Gay/Lesbian/Bi, and more. This allows you to put your question in a section where people are comfortable reading about and responding to those types of issues. You might even find someone with a problem similar to your own. Everyone on the app is incredibly helpful and respectful. Anyone who is found being rude or inappropriate is stopped by moderators before it gets out of hand. The moderators do a great job of maintaining civil conversation on Our Place.
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Advice isn’t all that the app is good for though. The chat and creativity sections are full of activity and conversation amongst users. Teens can post stories and poetry that they have written and share it with others. This way, aspiring writers can get feedback and new ideas for their writing. It’s a great supportive community with lots of kids getting the advice and guidance that they need.

There are just a few things that bothered me while using the app. I commented on a thread but lost it when I came back a few days later to check for any updates. There doesn’t seem to be any method of marking the threads that you want to be updated on. Also, personal photos aren’t an option for your profile picture. I’m sure they don’t allow them for privacy reasons but when multiple users pick the same picture of Justin Beiber as their icon and then comment on the same thread, it can get pretty confusing. Other than that though, I really enjoy the app will continue using it.

Our Place is a FREE app available on the iTunes platform.

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  1. Estelle Sobel Erasmus says

    I love the concept of this ap. I think teens especially need a safe place to share their concerns and frustrations and this seems like it is on the cusp of something big.

  2. Great review! I’ll have to check it out for my newly minted Tween – though I’m sure she’ll have the same complaints about the photos and lost threads. Maybe they’ll address that in an update. 🙂

  3. Great Review and Info was helpful.

  4. Gkgirl4 says

    This app is perfection. Ive been a user for a few months now and there is nothing but love and support. Spread the word to your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, siblings; basically EVERYONE :).

    At the least, download the app and check it out. Go in the chat section and introduce yourself, saying you found out about the app from this review and just wait and see how many other people will be ready to welcome you!

    I highly recommend you download the app. Any kids ages 10-18 (with parent’s permission under 13) is welcomed although there are also users younger and older. Even adults are welcome if they want to just pass on their wisdom to the kids.

    So come join the fun! 😀

  5. Kyle :) says

    I’m one of the teens on Our Place (donthatetheawesomeness) and I love the app so much!! You’ll love it when you download it!! I’m totally addicted to it!! 😀 <3

  6. KatzGoRawr says

    Along with gkgirl and Kyle, I’m one of the users on the app 🙂 I’ve been around for 2 years, and the best part of it is the friendships you form. It’s like a little family. Throughout the time I’ve been here, I’ve been able to find people around my age who I know I can trust. They’ve supported me, helped me get through emotional times.

    I’ve tried leaving before, but every single time, I come back.

  7. mymusicmylife says

    I have been on this app for almost 5 months and I absolutely adore it! I have some things that I would like to tell my friends but they would laugh at me so I went here and now I have a ton of new friends that understand me and help me! Our place is a great app and I think more people should have it!

  8. Sapphire says

    Ourplace is an app that I am unable to describe.
    Everyone is just so loving and kid.
    You are accepted for who you are. No one cares what music you like, what you look like or all the mistakes you make. In a place where all your mistakes are easily forgiven.
    The rules are followed because the users want to follow them, not because they have to.
    There are advice sections, chat sections, creativity sections and much more! Everyone can express themselves.
    I’ve only been here a little over four months but I don’t go a day without OurPlace.
    Millions of kids are in need of this app!

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