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Starbucks Coffee and Walmart Muffins #DeliciousPairings for Breakfast

School and work schedules often keep up apart for breakfast as an entire family. Come weekend time when errands need be done and we’re all going in different directions it doesn’t often get any better.

But Rob and I make it a point to stop for a few moments for a quick breakfast and talk about what to expect for the day. It isn’t fancy but it’s a time we set aside because it’s important to connect and get on the same page about the family happenings.

Coffee is our go-to. Anything else is just extra. But paired with a perfectly sweetened Banana Nut Muffin makes the experience so much better. The Starbucks House (Medium) Blend was rich with slight bitterness like I expected. Pairing it a Walmart Banana Nut Muffin brought out hints of nuts and fresh sweetness. I’m not a coffee and donut kinda person, I think the overt sweetness of a sugar glaze throws off the taste of coffee but this was a much better match, something I can get used to.

muffins and coffee

coffee and muffins

Shopping at Walmart is usually very easy. Seeing the #DeliciousPairings sign above the baked goods is a great way to learn what coffee blend goes with which bakery item. As you can see the display is directly above the danish and donuts. I went searching for muffins. I found a sugar free and regular version of their Banana Nut Muffins but that was the only flavor. I wanted to try the Blueberry Muffins also but there were none to be found.


I did find these Apple Pastry Bites but I’m the only apple filling fan in the house, that means I would’ve had to eat them all on my own. I skipped it.

walmart bakery, #deliciouspairings
The brewing process was wonderful. I could smell it as I stepped out of my bedroom. It’s a calming effect, knowing I’m just minutes away from a hot cup of coffee even though there are also kids and dogs waiting for breakfast so they can head off to school. I need to invest in a really good travel mug so I can take my coffee to go because stopping at random places never beats what is served at home since we already brew Starbucks Breakfast Blend and Thanksgiving Blend when it is in season.

Starbucks can be found at many retailers but visiting your local Walmart to shop will give you a little education about the best flavor matches for the coffee blends.

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