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Tea Collection, South Africa Designs on Shae

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Can you imagine the amount of clothing we have to buy each season? This means I’m keeping track of brands that are classic and durable while still be being fashionable.  Tea Collection is always at the top of my list.  Their most current collection, South Africa is my favorite so far.  The bright hues of pink, orange and blue are perfect for the upcoming spring season.

tea collection wardrobe sets for boys and girls

Tea Collection is smart with their brand. They stick to basic silhouettes but integrate fun details and new fabrics for each season.  This allows me to know what looks good and fits well year after year which means less guessing and less unworn clothing.

The wardrobe sets are the best thing for moms like me, indecisive. I’m that person that loads up a shopping cart with individual pieces than struggles to complete outfits at the end of the day.  The wardrobe sets are put together to complement each other and pieces from other collections.  Stripes and flowers go together so well!.

tea collection South Africa Collection

If you ever have a question about fit, proportion or styling visit their Facebook page or the product page on TeaCollection.com.  They respond to all questions with expert advice.

Take a trip to South Africa and see what inspired their newest color scheme and designs.
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  1. Denise L says:

    I love Tea Collection! Beautiful clothes for your beautiful girl 🙂

  2. That yellow shirt makes me long for spring! I love the tunic and leggings sets!

  3. I have never heard of Tea Collection. That outfit is beautiful! And so original…I love it!

    • it’s a great site for kids clothes, a tad spendy but really worth it for the quality. they are great handmedowns, thats how great the quality is.

  4. I haven’t ever tried Tea Collection clothes, but I LOVE the stuff I see from them!

  5. Cat Davis | Food Family & Finds says:

    That dress is so pretty. I’ve noticed a lot of dark colors for Spring fashion, love it.

  6. We don’t own any Tea clothes, but this collection is definitely tempting! My son would love the zebra shirt!

  7. Tea has such high quality apparel, that is absolutely stylish! She looks great in her new dress.

  8. Terra Heck says:

    She looks cute in that outfit. Tea Collection has lots of nice, quality clothes.

  9. What a cute and sophisticated outfit – would love to shop there for my little girl.

  10. I LOVE Tea Collection, and she looks so cute!

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