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Kids Choosing the Meal #KidsintheKitchen

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This week for #kidsinthekitchen I wanted to share with you how we have a pretty good system for happy family meal times.

Finding meal ideas that suit everyone’s palate all of the time is virtually impossible. Even our most loved meal, tacos, is looked down by one or two kids on when beans touch their plates. Meatloaf is another winner in our house but the youngest hates potatoes, she ends up skipping a side dish. The kids and husband love fish but it’s NOT my favorite. So what I try to do is please at least one person each time. That doesn’t mean the rest of the family starves but that could mean they just have to suck it up and deal with something on their plate. Getting the kids to look through cookbooks is one way to find new recipes and also please them at meal time. Switch ingredients or cooking methods if the recipe isn’t quite right. Don’t use cookbooks as rule books but more like guidelines.

Here Shaun and Shae are leafing through a couple kid friendly cookbooks I have in my arsenal. They haven’t told me yet what they want for dinner next week but I’m hoping it’s something new.

#KidsintheKitchen finding recipes in a cookbook

#kidsinthekitchen looking for new dinner ideas in cookbooks

What did you and your kids do for dinner this week? Share photos, stories or recipes that include your #kidsinthekitchen. I would love for you to join me and my co-hosts, Paula at Frosted Fingers and Sara at Sensibly Sara, each week linking up a post, new or old, that feature the theme Kids in the Kitchen. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it together and enjoying it and learning something.

  • preparing healthy snacks
  • having a tea party
  • counting skills with m&ms
  • pouring from measuring cups
  • discovering a local restaurant that your kids love
  • creating new family friendly recipes

Don’t have a blog, then share a photo you uploaded to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Share whatever you have, we want to see it.

Linky Rules

1. Link up only your kid friendly recipes, stories, pictures or cooking lessons here.(No Etsy stores or giveaways please).
2. Link directly to a specific post, update or tweet not your homepage.
3. Please add a Kids in the Kitchen button or link on your site or blog post or share through social media so readers know you are participating.
kids in the kitchen, meme

kids in the kitchen, cooking with kids, weekly series

4. Click through and comment, pin, like, tweet or share with other participants. We love to share inspiration and ideas with each other, don’t link and run.
5. Follow the hosts of this feature,Paula at Frosted Fingers, Sara at Sensibly Sara and me, Melinda at LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too!

I can’t wait to see all of the fun food themed ideas, excursions and photos you have to share.

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  1. It’s so hard to find something everyone will like. AND my kids change what they’ll eat every day. My meat-only child now is anti-meat and my veggie only kid eats meat. Mostly they just eat peanut butter and jelly though!

    • i don’t mind swapping a side or doubling veggies but for the most we have a “eat what we serveor don’t eat at all” kinda rule 🙂

  2. Those cookbooks look great!! I need to invest in some kid-friendly books. My kids just tell me what they want based on what I’ve cooked before.

  3. I love kid cookbooks! It seems the more they are involved, the more likely they are to try it!

    • i’m finding i get less grief as long as they are more involved in the planning. I’m still not comfortable with them near the heat 🙂

  4. Cute! I used kids’ cookbooks with my classes when I was teaching, but I honestly never thought to pull them out with the boys!

  5. My kids love cooking in the kitchen as well. Dinner may take a lot longer to make, but it’s so much more fun!!

  6. Jessica says

    My kids are really great eaters…but the strange thing, my 5 year old loves to suggest ideas for dinner, my daughter rarely does even though she loves to read cook books! I need to work on it though because I run out of ideas!

  7. We love letting the kids add meals to the meal plan. It definitely helps everyone feel included and like they get a say in what we have for dinner:)

  8. I love seeing kids learning how to thrive in the kitchen!

  9. Thanks for the invite Melinda. Your site is great! I am excited to do some poking around.

  10. Oh I miss those days when my kids where little. Now that 4 of my 5 children are grown and moved out, it is only me and my 12 year old. Boy is it hard to go from cooking for a large family to only 2 people. I must confess we eat out way more then we use too, so now I’m on a quest to find meals for 2 and learn how to cook many of our favorite recipes in smaller portions. You’re kids look like there having blast! It’s great to get kids involved in the meal process.

    • 12 is a great age to teach more advanced skills, stay in touch if you venture into posts like that! i’m scared to let my 9yo near heat and sharp things LOL

  11. Kids cooking with me in the kitchen is one of my favorite activities! We are making cupcakes tomorrow! My kids made these Ginger Snaps http://gigglesgobblesandgulps.com/2012/11/06/oh-snap-ginger-snap-cookies-made-by-the-kids/

  12. Cooking with the kids is one of my most favorite things to do. Making cupcakes tomorrow with the kiddos!

  13. It really is hard to find something that everyone will enjoy. I love these cookbooks and my kids love cooking in the kitchen with me.

  14. Thanks so much for the invite. Love the idea of a “kids” related food and cooking link up. Looking forward to following along!

  15. Thanks, as always, for hosting. Love checking out the other posts. My son has become more and more involved in planning meals. It’s just him and me at home, so it’s not as difficult to find meals we both like. Recently, I’ve been working on trying new things (for him). He cracks me up when he is sooo surprised that he actually likes something different! 🙂 Hope you have a good weekend.

  16. Crystal Warren says

    That’s a cool idea to let the kids pick with cookbooks …my daughter is big on Pinterest and she’s found some recipes on there that I’ve tried. We’ve got 3 kids and while my oldest son would probably eat an old shoe i I cooked it up my youngest son has a picky palette…and my daughter developed strange dislikes depending on her mood (ahh hormones! ) I did find one recipe on Mr. Food that I’ve made twice since I found it 8 days ago ..by popular request! It super simple to make too..it’s called French One-Pot cooking I think but its made with Italian Sausage, smoked sausage and beans with a little brown sugar and fresh oregano..there’s a couple of other ingredients but it took me about 20 minutes to make..and with 3 kids that’s usually my time limit!


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