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Mind Your Manners Because One Day You’ll Get Caught

This past weekend the family went to the beach for a last minute short getaway. Nothing extravagant but it was fun to get focus on us and have a good time together.

Sunday morning’s breakfast was going to be simple with a visit to the Fractured Prune. I had never heard of it but Sabreena mentioned really wanting to try them out.

We walked it and immediately noticed the large variety of flavor combinations. The kids couldn’t divert their eyes from the lists of glazes and toppings. I on the other had noticed a young man standing behind the counter staring Sabreena up and down as if she sporting neon lights. He proceeded to turn our back to us, lean over and whisper something into another teenager’s ear. He then looked up from what he was doing and eyed Sabreena up and down and giggled.

I stepped forward and asked the first gentleman if there was a problem. I startled him. He knew he was busted. I continued to ask if he had something else to say, something he wanted to share with the rest of us. He had nothing.

Sabreena looked at me confused, not knowing what was going on. Rob came over to find out what happened. I told them both, loudly, what had happened. I wanted him to feel that same awkward, uncomfortable feeling that I had felt when he was “making fun” of my daughter.

He was shaking in his shoes. He didn’t know how to react. He squirmed a little in his spot and lowered his eyes. I REALLY REALLY wanted to know what was so funny but I left it at that. I showed him his actions were rude and probably NOT the best way to greet customers.

If it weren’t for my own kids being so excited over a Reese’s Pieces doughnut we would’ve left.

Sabreena probably looked weird in her bright green sunglasses and lopsided mohawk; probably not the typically attire for customers on an early Sunday morning. BUT I still didn’t appreciate his behavior. I didn’t talk to management, there as really no point.