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Spring Time Means Getting Outdoors

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I am not sure what the weather is in your neck of the woods but here in Delaware we are anywhere in the 60-70 degree range which means my family have been outside enjoying the great outdoors.


I love spring because that means Melinda and I get get outside and get the yard and garden back into shape after a very long winter.  So far this season we are on top of both because I have mulched all of the flower beds, cut the grass twice and tilled the garden.  Melinda has planted seeds and is growing an assortment of vegetables in her portable greenhouse so hopefully in the next month they will be ready to be replanted in the garden outside.

When we aren’t in the yard soaking in the sun we love to take trips to the park and the beach.  We actually took a short weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland this past weekend and it was a lot of fun.  The kids love everything about the beach and I love spending time with the family by the water building the perfect sand castle.  This spring/summer I think I am going to try and get the family out at least once for a weekend camping trip.  I use to camp with my family all summer long when I was growing up and it might be something that my family might enjoy.  I can’t say with 100% certainty yet since my entire family is so dependent on electronics that the wood might actually break us, LOL.

Stay tuned for more details on that trip assuming we make it back in one piece.

So if you love spring/summer and love to get outside then you need to find online deals and vouchers for the home and garden and offers on camping equipment that will allow you to spend some real quality time as a family.