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Getting Married with #LifeLock

LifeLock Logo with TaglineI am a LifeLock Ambassador and was compensated for this post but ALL opinions are my own!!

Unfortunately identity theft is real and happens daily to innocent people all over the world so be sure to protect yourself with LifeLock so that you don’t become another statistic.

This July Melinda and I will be married 12 years and when we first got married I am not sure we ever thought about if our identity was safe but that isn’t the case today.  With everything being done electronically it’s way to simple for someone to swoop in and steal your identity without even blinking an eye so it’s more important than ever to protect yourself as well as your loved ones.

Thankfully #LifeLock has your back 24/7 365 days a year so you no longer need to worry about your identity being stolen.  If you are about to embark on a life together with your soul mate there is no better way to start your marriage than with LifeLock. A lot of people figure having their identity stolen will never happen to them but why take that unnecessary chance if you don’t need to. People are always giving gifts like money or a serving platter that will never get used so why not give the bride and groom a gift that will keep on giving them piece of mind and I am talking about LifeLock.  I know it seems like a weird wedding gift to give but I think the bridge and groom will appreciate the effort you are trying to make.

Here is a good LifeLock tip for new brides or brides to be : Getting married and changing your name? Keep personal info safe by doing identity-changing paperwork in person.

Remember identity theft isn’t segregated to any one group and it can happen to anyone at any time and when it does it will be a total mess to fix and get straighten out unless you have LifeLock.

If you enroll today you will receive a special promo offer for 30 DAYS FREE and 10% OFF your membership for the lifetime of your account. Click HERE or call 1-800-543-3562 and use the promo code ORG30 to redeem your discount offer and get protected today.

Trust me when I say this will be the best gift you ever gave.

Also, find LifeLock identity theft tips that fit your lifestyle in their new LifeLock for Life Tips tab HERE.

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