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Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

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Are you looking for some inexpensive holiday gifts or stocking stuffers?  Do you need some ideas for last minute guests, hostess gifts or even tokens for someone you forgot?  This list is chock full of suggestions for just about anyone on your list.  Kids, grandparents, foodies, teachers or teens would be excited to receive just about anything from this list.

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

I’ve never heard a bad note come from a harmonica.  Give the gift of music for all ages.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Release the inner 8 year old with a classic toy.

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Cookie Cutters
Choose from basic shapes as an introductory set for a new baker.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Fork Chops
The best of both worlds; chop sticks on one end and a knife and fork on the other.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

iPhone Button Stickers
Personalize your iPhone even more by adding decoration to your button with these dots.  Choose from hippy, artsy, sporty or more.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Cable Organizer
With the collection of smartphones, laptops, tablets, ereaders, mp3s and everything that has a cord know they are easily accessible with a cord holder.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Astronaut Ice Cream
Who can say no to dessert. This amazing freeze dried ice cream is sure to please palates and make someone smile even if it doesn’t taste good.

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Explanation Bandages
No  need to explain what happened when you sport these self-explanatory bandages on your boo-boo.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Movie Film Sticky Notes
Transform anything into a scene from Hollywood with this transparent movie film sticky note roll.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Dandelion Tote Bag
Carry groceries in pretty style with a hand printed tote.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Hedgehog Dryer Balls
Get the fluffiest towels and less wrinkled jeans with these spiky critters tossed in your dryer.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Toast Coasters
Playful toast shaped coasters come packaged like a loaf of bread.

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Plunger Pencil Holder

Everything in their place and a place for everything like this plunger pencil holder

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Fancy Socks
Everyone wears sock so why not wear cool and funky ones

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Metallic Colored Pencils
Make your doodles and drawings a touch more special with these soft metallic pencils.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Cable Photo Holder
This cable photo holder is a space saver plus a money saver, no more frames to buy.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Owl Hook
Hang your keys, hat, towel or dog leash from this whimsical but sturdy hook.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Photo Props
Make every photo a special one by adding a special touch like a bow tie or mustacheGifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Toothbrush Holder
Help keep toothbrushes clean and out of the way with these adorable holders that suction to the mirror

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Deer Cupcake Picks
Keep the foodie keep the food festive with these picks of deer with antlers.Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Which of these above gift ideas would be a great match for a special person in your life?

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  1. Kimberly says:

    These are some great ideas and I still need stocking stuffers. Wonder if I can get any of them in by Christmas.

  2. Great ideas. Those chopsticks crack me up.

  3. Cute stuff! I see a lot of items that would make great stocking stuffers for my teens- starting with anything with a mustache! I’d love to try the dryer balls, just because they are so cute!

  4. I’d love the hedgehog dryer balls and those cable organizers. Cables are ridiculous in our home.

  5. I look for stocking stuffers year round – and these are all wonderful ideas!

    I think the chop sticks are by far my favorite!

  6. Katy Rawson says:

    Great ideas. That cord organizer is totally for me.

  7. Some of the iems bring back some memories.. such as YoYo! Omg, I used to play with it all the time!! Great stocking stuffers… some ideas I could use next year!!

  8. The fork chops are awesome. And socks are a stocking stuffing staple in this house!

  9. You find the coolest stuff! I need the toast coasters!

  10. I am loving the shapes of those cookie cutters and the toast coasters are funny! Great ideas!

  11. Natalie @ One Busy WAHM says:

    I love those bandages – how fun.
    We seem to get through a pack a month at the moment with all the scrapes my little boy comes home from school with!

  12. Those Bee toothbrush holders are so cute!!

  13. I used to love getting astronaut ice cream at the museum of science and industry. My kids are not fans :/

  14. That cable organizer is actually a really practical gift LOL I do like the bandaids though, those could be fun!

  15. Thank you for these great ideas! I love it all, especially the bandages!

  16. My son loves astronaut ice cream! Those are fun stocking stuffer ideas

  17. I like the toast coasters and the socks!

  18. ohhh thanks for some great ideas!!!!!

  19. Mickey says:

    Cute ideas! I would have never come up with most of them, but know people who would love all of them. Thanks for the ideas!

  20. I especially love those cookie cutters, they are adorable! And who doesn’t love a classic yoyo in their stocking 🙂

  21. I love these! I would not be sad if they showed up in my stocking. Oh my goodness the photo film tape, the photo props…yes please!

  22. OMG! I WANT the hedgehog dryer thingy’s. I don’t think I would use them in the dryer though, just display them. They are sooo cute!

  23. I want several of these myself! 🙂

  24. i wanted to get my son a yoyo but i wanna get him one of those REALLY good ones.

  25. Fun ideas! Love the little iPhone button mustaches!

  26. Those are definitely DIFFERENT. I could see a few being cool for my husband.

  27. Out of all of those, the toast coaster is my favorite. Those would be a perfect addition to anybodies breakfast bar!

  28. I like the idea of those socks for my daughter, and the dryer balls are so interesting!

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