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kid made Cupcake Ornament

We’re dealing with snow days and I don’t know what you do during snow days but we craft, bake and play video games. Looking at Shae’s tree I noticed she’s needing more decorations.  We set out to create some that should last her years to come, creating memories to last those years. This kid made cupcake ornament came about a bit haphazardly. Cupcake Ornament #craft

What started as a simple idea exploded into something else that focused more on the details.

Materials needed

  • Christmas ball, you choice of color
  • paint, to change Christmas ball color and other items
  • cupcake liner
  • soft air dry clay
  • red pompom or red mini Christmas ball
  • straight pin, thin gauge wire or ornament hanger
  • glitter or beads
  • glue
  • ribbon


Start with the pieces that need painting first.  Our Christmas ball was gray, Shae painted it yellow.  Also since we didn’t have a red pompom Shae shaped a red sphere from the white clay and painted that red for the cherry. making Cupcake Ornament #craft

As the paint was drying we used some more clay to roll out a LONG snake and then coiled it to resemble frosting.  Using a toothpick make a hole in the frosting big enough to thread your ribbon.making Cupcake Ornament #craft

Tie the ribbon to the top of the ornament and thread the end through a hole in the frosting.  Coat the top nub of the ornament with glue and gently press the frosting on, making sure the ribbon is pulled through.  Make a loop at the top of the ribbon to use as a hanger.

making Cupcake Ornament #craft

Lightly spread some school glue on the frosting and dust it with glitter or beads to make your sprinkles.  Shape your straight pin or wire and insert into your cherry, add glue if you need to.  Glue it to you cupcake. Set aside to dry.

making Cupcake Ornament #craft

making Cupcake Ornament #craft

When everything is dry add a good amount of craft glue to the bottom of your cupcake liner and along the inner wall and place your ball inside. Use a rubber band to gently hold the liner in place against the ball.  You don’t want this to squeeze too hard to crush the paper.  Leave this for 10-15 minutes to make sure the glue bonds.

making Cupcake Ornament #craft

When everything has dried and set your ornament is ready to hang.

Cupcake Ornament #craft

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