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Fabulous Ice Age #NetFlixKids


2014 disclosure

The Pairs Ice Dancing Competition is my favorite event in the Olympics. I find the chemistry between the couples beautiful and I am always blown away by the amazing jumps and lifts that they are able to perform all while sliding around on thin blades across ice. The way that the two can travel side by side at such a great speed and then the man lifts her and continues with the woman hoisted over his head all while keeping his balance is astounding. The trust that the woman must have in her partner to allow herself to be tossed into the air and spun around never fails to amaze me. They both posses such power and grace and they move so perfectly together; it’s breath-taking.

The Fabulous Ice Age took me back to the very first ice shows in 1930s night clubs and the ice dancer turned movie star Sonja Henie, up to the modern day Disney On Ice performances.

Fabulous Ice Age #netflixkidsThere was so much wonderful old footage of people with so much joy for what they were doing; I was thrilled. All of those people who spent their lives watching these wonderful shows and collecting props and costumes and memorabilia have such a passion for the sport. I don’t blame them. I love seeing the ice shows that Disney puts on. As soon as they began to talk about the start of the Disney shows, I began to remember all of the wonderful times that I’ve had with my family at those performances. They’re so much fun; getting to see my favorite characters and hear the songs from my favorite movies but all performed on ice. It was sad to hear that the old shows had to end for Disney to begin but a whole new era of Americans got to enjoy ice skating the way people did in the 1930s.