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What are your #MomEssentials?

I have 18 years of parenting experience. In any field of work that would make me an expert. Parenting is very different though. It’s an evolving practice, something that has lots of twists and turns. There are many lessons to be learned for both the parents and the children. There are some essentials that make each day easier, at least my day.

5 Things to Get Through The Day #MomEssentials Here is my list of essentials to get through the day

Shower Behind a Locked Door I’ve instructed the kids that unless something is on fire I am NOT to be disturbed while I’m in the shower. This is MY time that I need to relax, scrub the grime away from the day and possibly but unlikely shave my legs.

Morning Coffee One cup is usually all I need with the rare 2nd cup mid morning. It needs flavored creamer and sugar and the hotter the better!

Multiple Tubes of Chapstick One for me and one for the kids because I don’t like to share.

A Confidant or Best Friend Everyone needs a true friend they can turn to when there is news to share, good or bad. Maybe you don’t have news but just need a distraction because your kids won’t stop yammering on about iBallistic Squid and Enderman.

A Smartphone This is an obvious addition. My life is in there in my calendar and Pinterest.

This list can change at any stage in parenthood. If my kids were younger I’d have Cheddar Goldfish and crayons on my list. What is on your list of #MomEssentials?