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Shopping #MyMixx app from Acme Markets

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When you look through your grocery store ads each week how many MUST HAVE items do you see?  This past week during my weekly shopping trip and I found Eggo Waffles (box of ten) on sale for $1. There are always lots of things for $1 at Acme Markets but this is by far one of the best finds ever when scrolling through the MyMixx App.Acme Markets MyMixx

Eggo Waffles on sale Acme Markets #MyMixx

Waffles are a staple in our house much like bread and milk are in other homes. Waffles are eaten everyday by someone and are used for breakfast lunch and dinner.

The sale ad at Acme Market is a like a treasure hunt. I love sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and my list to put together everything we need. The new MyMixx app makes things even easier these days too. I don’t always have the time for a leisurely scan of the sale ad but now I have it at my finger tips when I’m not at home.Acme Markets MyMixx

Not only did I stock up on our go-to breakfast food I also snagged 12-count case of snapple for $5.99.  Rob and I love their Diet Raspberry and Diet Lemon tea and this price is too good to pass up.

Back to School happened for us this week too. I hit up the deli department and got lunchmeat for the next couple of weeks for just $3.99/lb.  I freeze lunchmeat and cheese so we always have it on hand and I’m not running to the store on Sunday night.Acme Markets Sale of the week #mymixx #sale

Find these and so many more great prices on the products you eat and use each day at Acme Markets.

Come over and enter to win a Acme Markets $100 GC here on the blog.

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  1. We don’t have Acme markets here in MA, but maybe they should open one up here so we can use this awesome app!

  2. You scored several great deals. I like to stock up on things like waffles since I know that they WILL get eaten!

  3. We don’t have ACME by us (though we did growing up). Looks like a great app to help out saving on shopping!

  4. We don’t have ACME stores around here. A shame too because we go through some waffles around here!

  5. Gosh, that makes it so easy! Acme is doing a good thing by having that app!

  6. I love using apps when shopping. Both to stay organized and for savings.

  7. I am a Giant shopper but I think $1 waffles is enough to make me change my mind

  8. I am a Giant shopper but I think $1 waffles is enough to make me change my mind

  9. Thank you Acme! Genius idea!

  10. You got some great deals! We always stock up when things are on sale.

  11. Wow waffles for $1! We buy those all the time!

  12. Anything for a good deal! Thanks for sharing !

  13. What a great deal. No Acme stores here.

  14. This app looks like a great way to save some money and tell what deals are best! I wish there were Acme Markets near us.

  15. This is a great app. It’s a great way to stay organized and save money. I love it!

  16. What a cool app! It keeps you organized AND it saves money.

  17. I think it’s great when you can get extra savings just by using an app. We don’t have Acme around here but I commend them for being ahead of the curve.

  18. I love that app! I love when you can find an app that helps you save money!

  19. This is a great app! I’m always looking for ways to save money on groceries.

  20. Sounds like a great app. Very handy!

  21. I lov that I can skip the coupon cutting and still get the savings. Thanks for the heads up!

  22. What a cool app. I’m always looking for ways to save money, and this looks like a great way to do just that!

  23. I don’t have an Acme Market around here. But Eggo Waffles for $1.00 is a great deal.

  24. It’s too bad I don’t have an Acme near me, but my cousins in NJ do. I’ll have to share this information with them.

  25. brett says:

    We have Dietz and Watson meats available where we are too. I would love to find more ways to save on them 🙂 how did we live without savings apps?

  26. I use to be so good at shopping the sale papers but since we moved I have just been whatever just get me in and out. I need to get back in the routine. I have definitely spent way more money on groceries these past few weeks.

  27. What a great little app! I love that you can get coupons on mobile devices now.

  28. Looks like a great shopping trip! I love when I can score some extra savings. Apps are so helpful!

  29. Cool app! We love waffles in our home too. And i could ALWAYS use some extra savings!

  30. Cool app! We love waffles in our home too. And i could ALWAYS use some extra savings!

  31. Sounds like a great app to use while your grocery shopping. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Eggos are one of our favorite breakfast treats because they’re so customizable. Great app too – anything to help inspire and save (on time and money!)

  33. I’m all for any app that helps me save $$$$$!! Thanks for the great review. We love eggos, too!

  34. We don’t have and Acme Market here. I love grocery stores that have apps like this though.

  35. What a great app. We don’t have that market here in L.A. that I know of.

  36. There are so many neat apps out there nowadays. Here’s another one I bet comes in handy quite a bit.

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