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Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor

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Holiday Decorating can be done in many different ways. Each year we pull out 5 big totes of things we’ve collected over the years and each year we change up where things go and how they are paired up with existing decor. This usually means lots of things tucked away until after the holidays but it always means we get to enjoy hidden gems for a short period of time.

Decorating is a very personal thing. I cover our tree in ornaments collected over the years that are significant to our family. Experiences, events, vacation and even hobbies are represented each year. It gives visitors a glimpse of us. When going into someone else’s home you can learn a lot about them just by looking around. Lots of family photos means that they cherish their loved ones, bookshelves loaded with a wide array of titles could mean they enjoy reading and escaping into words.

ProFlowers and ProPlants Holiday Collection wants to help you set the scene for the holidays. With a wide variety of blooms, plants and gifts there is something for everyone for every decor need. Christmas doesn’t have to just be about poinsettias and holly. ProPlants has gorgeous roses, tulips, and mums to coordinate with your home. This is Snowflakes and Embers and an amazing Tulip (my new favorite) and Evergreen arrangement that went into my bedroom. It was refreshing to wake up each and see fresh flowers on my dresser.
Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor

Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor

Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor

Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor

Don’t forget about the hostess. Are you headed to a holiday party or gathering?  Bring an arrangement to go with their decor or bring the centerpiece or a sweet treat for everyone to enjoy.

This is the Mantle and Centerpiece I put together for my neighbor. She’s lucky enough to have a fireplace in her home so I knew as I opened the box and found a long length of evergreen roping it would be perfect for her home. The Home for the Holidays centerpiece ended up with a home on her dining table but it looked amazing on her mantle also. It’s so simple to switch out pieces to go to different spots around the home.
Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor

Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor
Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor
This holiday season I was able to decorate my home, my table and the mantle of my dear friend with elegant arrangements that were sent to me from ProPlants. As each delivery arrived I was amazed by the bright colors and fragrant scent, especially the evergreens. It smelled like Christmas over Thanksgiving dinner. The kids can’t wait to start arranging the ornaments for the 12 Days of Christmas tree. It’s a mini Cypress tree that can grow in your home for years and eventually be planted outside. The wooden ornaments are stored in an Advent style wrap till the tree is ready for decorating.
Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor

Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor

Our kitchen art has been the same for 2 years. Now the paper wreath is gone and in it’s place is this fragrant and lush evergreen wreath.  A few sprays of water each day is all the maintenance this needs. I’ll be sad to see it go at the end of the holiday season.

Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor

Decorating for the Holidays with ProPlants #HolidayDecor
ProFlowers says holiday home décor is the easiest way to give a gift that complements a person’s unique style. Send an arrangement today so that your friends and family and enjoy all season long. Save 20% now just by clicking www.ProPlants.com/savebig.  The recipient will NOT be disappointing.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Sounds like they have some nice stuff. I love the smell of fresh wreaths.

  2. I love that very top arrangement with the plaid tartan wrapped around the bottom. So festive for us with our Celtic household.

  3. They are all beautiful. That mantle piece is awesome.

  4. Oh wow. The flowers are simply gorgeous. I would love to get and give those! The wreaths are really pretty too and would be a great gift this time of year.

  5. These are all gorgeous! I need more color and plants in my life but can’t keep them alive this would be a great option!

  6. This is all so gorgeous! I can’t believe the quality of those flowers!

  7. These arrangements are beautiful. I really like the plaid container. It looks so festive and would go great with all the red in our house right now.

  8. I love the real pine. I had that last year and it was so beautiful.

  9. What gorgeous flowers. I love the pine and that wreathe is lovely!

  10. Lovely flowers! I love to have fresh plants and flowers in my home, especially during the holidays. It really adds a warm touch to any decor!

  11. Catherine S says

    The flowers are really pretty. I really like the mini Christmas tree. I think I will send my mom some Christmas flowers.

  12. Everything is looking super festive! Happy Holidays! 🙂

  13. I love all of the greenery that comes out during Christmas. We also have poinsettias.

  14. Beautiful! I haven’t picked up any greens yet.

  15. I love how flowers and greenery can dress up a room. I like to have a big centerpiece for our dining table.

  16. Everything looks so wonderful and inviting. I’d love to have a fireplace in the house.

  17. Those are beautiful. I love the mantle display! I need to get out my decorations!

  18. Beautiful! I love holiday flowers and plants they make the house look and smell so good!

  19. So pretty! I always love fresh flowers. The little tree with the ornaments is SO cute!

  20. I love decorating for the holidays. These are all great ideas. I love the wreath.

  21. I love the 12 days of christmas plant!! what fun for a table

  22. Tracey says

    Everything is beautiful! You did a great job. I really love the flowers.

  23. Flowers make the holidays so much brighter. Your decor looks great.

  24. I love your kitchen art! The wreath makes it beautiful. Loving your mantle too, the one thing I miss about my last house 🙁 Gorgeous decor!

  25. Ahhh! the plaid around the vase!!! LoVE IT!!

  26. Just lovely. The pictures, the plants, the whole presentation. Love it!

  27. Those are really pretty Christmas plants and decorations. I love them all

  28. The advent wrap is adorable. Love all the decorations.

  29. Now I am tempted to add the everygreen to my fireplace this season. Going to decorate for the holidays tomorrow.

  30. Such great ideas for the holidays! Who wouldn’t like a flower or plant?

  31. It all looks beautiful, Melinda! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  32. Beautiful flowers and decor. It definitely looks like Christmas!!!

  33. Jessica @eatsleepbe says

    I love that wreath!

  34. Fresh flowers are the best way to decorate a home for the holidays. I bring them as gifts as well!

  35. This really is a beautiful way to decorate this holiday season. I love the fresh flowers and color choice of them, perfect for this time of year. I can smell them now!

  36. Those are great ways to decorate for the holiday season. Thanks for sharing these.

  37. Your mantel looks beautiful! I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t put up the first Christmas decoration this year and I usually have everything done the day after Thanksgiving. I have been so busy that I just haven’t had the time. I hope to start Friday and have it finished by Sunday. 🙂

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