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I’m Considered A Modern Dad #SwifferDad

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The following is sponsored by Swiffer, which provided the featured cleaning products as part of its #SwifferDad campaign.

I can remember growing up my mother doing everything from food shopping to cooking to laundry to you name it.  Now I am not saying that my father was lazy it’s just he was from another time and my mom took care of him and waited on him hand and foot.

I am not saying that Melinda doesn’t take care of me because she does but I try to do my part around the house to make her life as well as mine a lot easier.  Melinda and I both work and the kids are in sports so we both have to do our part and that also means that I need to steep up and be what a lot of people call a modern dad.  To me a modern dad works a 9 to 5 but also comes home and helps around the house in any way that he can.  I have things that I do around the house on a weekly basis such as yard work and laundry.  I also clean bathrooms when necessary and vacuum and sweep the house when my kids conveniently forget to do their chores.  My tools of choice are a vacuum for the carpets and our Swiffer Wet Jet for all of our hardwood floors.



Recently I received 2 Big Green Swiffer Boxes.  One for me to keep which I was totally excited about and one I was supposed to give to a dad friend or neighbor. I immediately opened my Swiffer Box and started using it on the living room and kitchen floors which really needed a good cleaning.

The second Big Green Swiffer Box that I received I gave to a neighbor that is a single dad so I know first hand he is a modern dad who totally appreciated the new Swiffer product.  He is a guy who works, cleans and takes care of two kids so I know he will be putter his new Swiffer to good use.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not by any means saying that I am super dad or do more than my share because I don’t.  I just try to do what I can to help my family and our house run as smoothly as humanly possibly which sometimes is very hard.  I know that I am not alone in being a modern dad because in this society dads have been stepping up to help contribute to the household chores and helping out in whatever way they can.

Here are a few things that I have read on dads and cleaning:

  •         Americans say that dads today are pitching in with chores nearly 2x more than their dads did growing up
  •         Half of dads today say they do the majority of the cleaning in their home
  •         Ninety-eight percent of dads agree that having a clean home makes them happy

I do agree with the point above and I must admit that I am very happy when our house is neat and clean opposed to coming home to a total mess with stuff all over the counters and floors and chores not being done.

I am just trying to do my part to help out Melinda and make our home a neat clean happy place!!!!

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  1. I think it’s fabulous that you’re helping out! My hubby pitches in a lot on the cleaning and he knows that it’s a great way to show me he loves me. Forget, jewelry…give me a man who will help clean any day! LOL!

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    My husband doesn’t do the majority of cleaning in the house, but he definitely pulls his weight. There are few things sexier than a man with a mop 😉

  3. Can you teach my husband to be one? LOL.
    He says he ‘tries’ to help, but he’s worse than the kids..and btw I LOVE my Swiffer. It’s a life saver!

  4. I think it’s awesome that so many men are stepping up and being equal partners in their homes! Hopefully my husband will get the memo soon. LOL

  5. Allison says:

    I love hearing that more and more Dads are stepping up! We do a big family cleanup once a month and we all get down and dirty together!

  6. My husband helps out a lot around the house too. We love swifter it makes mopping so much easier

  7. Oh we KNOW Melinda takes care of you!! 😉 I think it’s fantastic that dads today help with household chores in addition to their out-of-the-home jobs.

  8. I love Swiffer dusters. The greatest thing for cleaning the tops of things. I use them all the time.

  9. I love your whole take on this. My hubby is a gem and takes an active role in keeping the house welcoming. The girls pitch in too. There’s no other way really. And it’s much more fun doing chores together 🙂

  10. Lynsey Jones says:

    I LOVE the WetJet. We have one and it is PERFECT to grab for little spills and stuff. I absolutely HHHHAAATTTEEEE mopping, but the WetJet is quick and easy.

  11. I abhor cleaning. I need a “modern” husband to do the housework for me 😀

    I do like Swiffer stuff though, anything to make the hated task easier.

  12. In my house most of the indoor chores are done by me and the kids but the hubby does help out. He is mostly in charge of all the outdoor work. 🙂

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