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World Burger Tour at Hard Rock Cafe

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Who doesn’t love a good burger? I can’t tell you how many times in a week I ask Rob what he wants for dinner and he says ” a big juicy burger”. I can’t always accommodate but we have a few local spots we try to visit or create our own masterpiece at home for the grill. So when Hard Rock Cafe came to me and asked if we wanted to test out the World Burger Tour that seemed like a easy answer.

Hard Rock Disclosure

“Hard Rock is bringing its menu to life and offering a unique burger experience that takes guests’ taste buds on an international journey. Hard Rock, in conjunction with global experience agency RPMC, is offering a World Burger Tour travel package that includes stops at iconic cities including Seattle, United States; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Athens, Greece; and London, England. This four-stop, once-in a lifetime excursion celebrates the cities that inspired Hard Rock’s World Burger Tour”
Hard Rock Cafe

Throughout May and June, Hard Rock Cafe menus* will feature the following World Burger Tour offerings:

  • English Breakfast Burger (London, England)– a Certified Angus Beef® patty topped with sliced ham, a sausage patty, a fried egg, a portobello mushroom, arugula and garlic aioli and served with a side of baked beans
  • Java Lava Burger(Seattle, United States) – a Certified Angus Beef patty grilled and dressed in a house-made espresso rub and topped with lava sauce, crunchy java onions, bacon, melted Cheddar cheese and garnished with a fried jalapeño
  • Tandoori Chicken Burger (Mumbai, India)– a dark meat chicken patty seasoned with aromatic spices and fresh herbs, topped with mint mayonnaise and served with a side of cucumber
  • Jamaican Jerk Burger (Montego Bay, Jamaica) – a Certified Angus Beef patty topped with banana pepper rings, mango jalapeño cream cheese and jerk mayonnaise
  • ATOMIC! Burger (Las Vegas, United States) – a Certified Angus Beef patty topped with Atomic beer-battered peppers, pepper jack cheese, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, garlic chipotle ketchup and chipotle mayonnaise
  • Tango Salsa Burger (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – a Certified Angus Beef patty topped with andouille sausage, Monterey Jack cheese, chips de batata, a fried egg, salsa criolla and garlic aioli
  • Greek Burger (Athens, Greece) – a Certified Angus Beef patty topped with arugula, feta cheese and a tomato slice
  • Aloha Burger (Honolulu, United States) – a Certified Angus Beef patty topped with Portuguese sausage, Monterey Jack cheese, a grilled pineapple ring with sweet soy glaze, guacamole, pico de gallo, served with Furikake french fries

Rob and I scheduled a date day on a rainy Sunday in Philadelphia. We walked center city, did a little shopping and finally headed in for an early dinner. If you’ve never been to a Hard Rock Cafe you’ll be taken back by the decor. It’s bold and screams rock and roll. I have a thing for ceilings and was immediately drawn to the copper tiles and HUGE sun-like lamps. There were purple drapes held back with chains and music inspired gear all over the walls. Everything you’d expect from a Hard Rock Cafe.


It was a rainy gloomy Sunday but surprisingly it was quite crowded. There were tables of people from all backgrounds. Doesn’t music bring everyone together? We sat down and waited for our server. There was no mention of the World Burger Tour anywhere. No table card, no extra menu, no add-in to the existing menu. When our server arrived we asked and he said the only burger they were offering was the Tango Salsa Burger. I gave him a weird look cause I was really hoping to order a couple different burgers and try them all.

We settled on that burger and a few other things. First to come out was the Jumbo Combo. Who doesn’t love a little bit of everything.

A collection of our most popular appetizers: Signature Wings, Onion Rings, Tupelo Chicken Tenders, Southwest spring rolls and bruschetta. Served with honey mustard, hickory barbecue and blue cheese dressing.Jumbo Combo at Hard Rock Cafe

Our meals came out and Rob commandeered the burger right away.

Tango Salsa Burger (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – a Certified Angus Beef patty topped with andouille sausage, Monterey Jack cheese, chips de batata, a fried egg, salsa criolla and garlic aioli.Tango Salsa Burger, World Burger Tour at Hard Rock Cafe

I didn’t get to taste it. He ate it before I got to even ask for a bite. Instead I ordered the MARGHERITA FLATBREAD. I ate half of it along with the side of Parmesan Fries I ordered. I’m a french fry junkie. Rob also ordered a side of specialty fries. While the burger was GONE we were able to take home all the extra food and feed 2 of our kids for dinner. Portions are definitely on the larger size.Margherita Flatbread at Hard Rock Cafe

If you’re close to a Hard Rock Cafe check out their World Burger Tour and let us know your favorite.  I know you’re not going to pass up on the fries either so let us know which flavor you chose too.

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  1. My husband has had an ATOMIC! Burger before! I would love to try the English Breakfast Burger!

  2. That food looks absolutely to die for. I LOVE burgers with a fried egg on top.

  3. This is right up my alley! I’m a huge burger fan. I get a burger at every new restaurant we try.

  4. My Dad is a huge fan of burgers at Hard Rock. I always like to get something different, so the world tour would be for me

  5. We just got a Hard Rock Cafe near us and I can’t wait to go! The burgers do look simply amazing!

  6. Nancy Partin says

    It has been so long since i have eaten at the Hard Rock Cafe. I think its time to change that.

  7. Monica says

    Oh this looks all sorts of incredible and fun! I so want in with my husband.

  8. I love Hard Rock Cafe. I really want to try some of those burgers. The Greek one sounds great!

  9. I’m so hungry now! What a great collection of burgers. Great way to travel around the world.

  10. It’s crazy how many different ways you can dress up a burger. Hard Rock Cafe never disappoints.

  11. Every time we go to Vegas, we get sidetracked by a kazillion buffets that are oh, so good. I think next visit we’ll have to have a delicious hamburger at Hard Rock, instead. It’s been too long since I’ve eaten there. What a fun and flavorful tour they’re sharing! Thanks for the recommendation on the Parmesan fries. They sound delicious, too.

  12. This looks like a great place to visit, burgers are always YUMMY YUM … I have never been to this place but oh my goodness …. I must go!

  13. Ryan Escat says

    The burger looks tasty, I hope someday I could eat one of those burgers too.

  14. Jeanine says

    How fun! This looks like something I’d love to do. Who doesn’t love a burger? Looks like fun and they all look super delicious!

  15. Everything looks delicious. My family is a huge fan of burgers. We love dining at Hard Rock once in a while.

  16. Can’t it be more heaven than this? Even without the pictures, those burgers and menu all sound mouthwatering. More please!

  17. I actually heard of the world burger tour! How smart of Hard Rock Cafe to come up with this and I am definitely interested in participating in it this summer!

  18. Ann Bacciaglia says

    These all look so delicious. I love to try new burgers. I am excited to try the Java Lava Burger first.

  19. I love Hard Rock! The food is always so good, I really want to try the “English Breakfast Burger.” Yum!

  20. Oh wow! You know I don’t think I’ve ever eaten at a Hard Rock. This menu sure does sound amazing!

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