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6 Things to Do After Work to Feel Happy Again


Have you ever thought that your life is boring? Or maybe every day feels the same?

Even though it is normal to feel tired after a working day, it doesn’t always have to be the same. If the only part of your life that makes you happy is going home after work, it is a sign that something is wrong.

Even though it is always best to get professional psychological help, you can still make your life more engaging and start to feel happy again by changing your routine. If the first thing you do after work is going home to lie down and watch movies, consider these six things that can bring you more joy.

Consider Therapy

Although it won’t probably be the first thing you can think of when trying to feel happy again, therapy is one of the most effective ways to maintain inner balance and achieve happiness. We all can agree that the last few years were difficult. Covid, restrictions, remote work and war in Ukraine have entirely changed our lives and not for good.

Most people struggle with chronic stress and anxiety episodes that stop them from living happily. So if this is your case and you feel that your mental state is getting worse, therapy can be a life-saving option.

Start or Return to a Hobby

Hobbies can help us not only feel better but also grow confidence and help create new connections with different people. Try to remember what your favourite hobby is that you don’t have time or energy for.


Maybe you like reading in the park; use Headway to read or listen to a book for at least 15 minutes daily as a good start. Maybe you like playing musical instruments – then find a place where you can start again. Fill your after-work time with something you love or think you can like now.


Journaling has long been here, yet become a vital part of any wellness enthusiasts in the last few years. It has similar benefits to a psychologist, allowing people to express themselves through emotions. This can greatly help reduce stress and racing thoughts, bring peace of mind and help people better understand their feelings. The key point about this practice is to write down all your thoughts and describe the day, especially before sleep or after stressful events.

Engage in Physical Activities

One of the best ways to feel happy again after work is to engage in physical activities. Exercise has been proven to have a profound effect on our happiness and well-being, as it releases endorphins that improve our mood and reduce stress.


Whether it’s going for a run, hitting the gym, or taking a yoga class, incorporating physical activity into your post-work routine can help you feel happier and more energised. Outdoor activities like hiking or playing sports can also provide a great opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy nature, which has been shown to boost our overall well-being.


Even though most people are sceptical about meditation, it has proven benefits for health and overall wellness. Meditation doesn’t have to take hours; start with 5-10 minutes per day in the morning or after work to keep your mind at peace and become happier. There are many applications that allow you to enjoy different meditations based on your request and experience.

Spend Time With Happy People

Spending time with happy people allows us to mentally adjust to their feelings and take positive energy. Whether it is your friends, family or small talk with strangers, find time after work to spend time with someone who is genuinely happy.