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How to Take The Perfect Photos This Summer

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Summer is finally here, and there’s no better time to take pictures of your friends, your family, and your holiday adventures. However, taking pictures can be tricky, especially in the sunshine, you might find that your snaps don’t turn out quite the way you’d imagined.

If you want to document your summer and have lots of amazing memories to look back on, you have to know the best approach to taking pictures in the sun. We’ve put together a guide with some top tips to help you take the perfect photos this summer. Check it out below.

Choose Your Subjects Carefully

This applies to taking photos in general, but particularly when you’re shooting snaps in the warmer months. The summer brings a unique light and atmosphere, you must try your best to capture these in the photos you take.

Take a step back and look around you. Don’t just photograph everything you see. Digital technology means we are no longer bound by the limits of film, but this does mean photos have become something of a disposable item. By choosing interesting subjects, you’ll enjoy looking back on your photos for years to come. Why not get them compiled into a photo book? Visit to find out more.

Learn About Golden Hour

Also referred to as magic hour, golden hour is a specific time of day that is incredibly important for photographers. Golden hour occurs in the morning, just after sunrise, and in the evening, just before sunset. This is when the sun is low in the sky and light becomes more vibrant and softer, perfect for taking photos.

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Golden hour in the summer is unlike any other time of year. You’ll be able to capture stunning colors and tones, and even everyday objects will be bathed in a beautiful light that can look incredibly cinematic. If you want to take the perfect summer snaps, shooting at golden hour is one of the most effective approaches.

Look For Silhouettes

The intense light we get during the summer can create some interesting visual effects. Silhouettes are when the sun lights up the far side of an object, creating a backlight that makes the subject pop out of the screen. We are often told that we should always take photographs with our backs to the sun. However, photography is all about bending the rules, and by shooting towards the sun you can capture subjects in a totally new light.

Blue Hour

Golden hour takes place while the sun is still in the sky. However, don’t think that once the sun has set your photo opportunities are done for the day. There is a short but incredibly valuable period of time where you can get some truly unique photographs – blue hour.

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Blue hour is when the sun has set, but there is still plenty of light left in the sky. This paints everything in an other-worldly blue tone and can be a fantastic time to get some unusual summer snaps.


Heading off on holiday this summer? Use this guide to learn how to take the perfect summer photos and make your memories last forever.