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Keeping Your Children Safe in the Digital World: A Look at Child Control Software

Highly Customizable Time Limits for Your Needs

Child Control’s standout feature is its ability to manage screen time across various Android and Windows devices. The software enables parents to establish time limits for phones, tablets, and computers, with customizable settings that can adapt to each child’s schedule.

For instance, you can block off devices in 15-minute increments. This precision is a lifesaver for sticking to homework times, family dinners, or ensuring bedtime isn’t interrupted by the lure of just one more level or video.

Intelligent and robust web filter that fits children’s levels of maturity

The Internet Filtering capability of Child Control is a proactive tool for parents who want to shield their children from unsuitable online content. It moves beyond simple web blocking by allowing nuanced controls based on content categories, age-appropriateness, and even specific websites. This approach empowers parents to tailor the online landscape to fit their children’s needs and maturity levels.

The effective way to create healthy digital habits

Through Application Control, Child Control encourages children to use digital applications responsibly.


Parents can decide which apps are accessible and when, tying app usage to the completion of chores or homework.  

Remote Access

Recognizing the demands on modern parents, Child Control offers a Remote Access feature that fits into any busy schedule. Whether from a web portal or a dedicated app, parents can adjust settings and monitor digital use from anywhere, ensuring they’re always connected and in control, even when on the move.

With GPS enabled devices, you can even ping a location request to keep tabs on where your kids are when they’re out and about.  

Know what your children are doing with their devices

Child Control goes beyond simple monitoring by providing comprehensive reports and real-time email updates on children’s device use. This feature ensures parents are well-informed, allowing them to make decisions based on usage patterns they notice.  

A Trust-Building Trial Experience

Salfeld understands the importance of trust when it comes to parenting tools. That’s why they offer a 30-day free trial of Child Control, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


This no-obligation trial reflects the company’s confidence in their software and their understanding of parents’ need for assurance before committing to a new service.


With its suite of thoughtful features, Child Control empowers families to take control of their digital experiences, creating a safer, more balanced environment for children to grow and explore. Interested parents can visit to start their trial and experience firsthand the difference Child Control can make in managing their children’s digital world.