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The Best Books, Courses, and Other Resources for APM PMQ Preparation


The Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ) is an important resource that helps improve your project management skills. The Association for Project Management (APM) provides this certification. This qualification extends the student’s knowledge about the approaches and topics in project management. To pass, you must use the correct APM PMQ Study Guide and other appropriate resources matching your learning style and requirements.

Understanding APM PMQ

The APM PMQ qualification is flexible and universally applicable, making it beneficial to project managers across various industries. The qualification covers different topics like risk assessment, scheduling, budgeting, and conflict resolution, which are important in project management. Both theoretical knowledge and practical experience is required to prepare for this exam.

Top Books for APM PMQ Preparation

The following are a few highly suggested books to assist you get ready for the APM PMQ exam:

APM Body of Knowledge

This is the starting point for anyone preparing for the APM PMQ. It offers a thorough summary of every important topic included in the exam and is frequently referred to as the project management professional’s bible.

APM PMQ Study Guide by Parallel Project Training

This study guide, which was created specifically for the APM PMQ test, contains case studies, practice problems, and clear explanations of difficult subjects. It’s a crucial tool for strengthening your comprehension and increasing your self-assurance before the test.

Project Management Case Studies by Harold Kerzner

This book presents a number of real-world examples that help explain and implement project management concepts. It is not just meant for APM PMQ readers; it’s a great additional resource for hands-on learning.

The Lazy Project Manager by Peter Taylor

This book gives helpful advice on how to deliver projects effectively and efficiently with the least amount of work, even if it focuses more on the practical aspect of project management. Its guidelines can be modified to help with APM PMQ studies by emphasising efficiency and clever work.

Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2

This book covers the PRINCE2 project management methodology. But. the project management concepts covered in it are universal and work well with the APM PMQ syllabus. It offers an alternative viewpoint on project management that might improve your general comprehension and application of the ideas.

Essential Online Courses and Workshops

These online workshops and courses provide structured learning pathways to assist you in mastering the material for the APM PMQ:

APM Accredited Training Providers

Numerous recognised educational establishments provide extensive programmes that encompass the APM PMQ curriculum. These courses frequently include mock tests, hands-on workshops, and interactive sessions. Providers with a stellar reputation for training include QA and 20|20 Business Insight.

Coursera and Udemy Courses

Seek out project management foundations courses as well as ones that are especially designed for the APM PMQ. These platforms provide a variety of options and flexibility to accommodate varying learning styles and speeds.

Parallel Project Training Online Learning

This platform provides a combination of podcasts, video courses, and e-learning modules that are precisely in line with the APM PMQ syllabus. For independent learners who like a variety of media, it’s perfect.

LinkedIn Learning

Numerous project management courses are available on our site to help you prepare for the APM PMQ.


LinkedIn Learning, with its professional development focus and knowledgeable teachers, is an excellent tool for developing your talents and broadening your knowledge.

APM Learning Portal

This portal, which comes straight from the Association for Project Management, offers tailored online courses and other materials made especially to help APM PMQ candidates. Because the content is carefully chosen to guarantee that it aligns with the exam’s goals, it is a priceless tool for concentrated study.

Study Groups and Forums

Engaging in study groups and forums can yield significant advantages. Sites such as and the APM’s online community provide forums for discussing difficult subjects, exchanging study advice, and benefiting from the experiences of other candidates getting ready for the test.

Mock Exams and Question Banks

It’s important to use question banks and routinely complete practice tests in order to assess your readiness. These resources assist you in becoming acquainted with the format of the test, pinpointing areas that require additional study, and honing your time management techniques while taking the test.

  • Official APM Mock Exams: These are a trustworthy indicator of your degree of preparation because they are made to resemble the actual exam experience.
  • Project Management Practice Questions by Sean Whitaker: In this book, every topic in the APM PMQ syllabus is covered under the questions and even explain the answers so that you understand which one is right and why.

Being Motivated and Organised

Although being ready for the APM PMQ can seem overwhelming, it can be done with the appropriate strategy. To prevent burnout, make a realistic study schedule, set specific goals, and take regular breaks. Recall that consistency matters more than cramming; material will be retained for a longer period of time if you proceed at a steady pace.


Your performance in APM PMQ preparation can be greatly impacted by your choice of resources. Books, classes, mock tests, and interactive study techniques can all be used to build a solid foundation for learning and comprehending the broad subject of project management. You can pass the APM PMQ test if you put in the necessary effort and take the appropriate strategy.