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Back in the Day-the 80’s days to be specific

Just a look back at some of the most craptastic stuff from the 80’s. If you are old enough to remember the 80’s what sticks out in your mind as a complete waste of time or money?

Today it’s silly bands back then it was these plastic crappy charms. I had them but not as many as some of my friends. Even then I kinda knew the fad was stupid so I didn’t want to waste my money but I had to at least attempt to look cool sporting cheap plastic tiny boom boxes, shoes, animals and peace signs.

Before Lil’ Wayne ever uttered the word “bling” was the trend to have your name (or your boyfriend’s) all over your jewelry. Yup, I fell for this too! I had a 2 finger ring with my name and big ugly gold letter M earrings that said “latina” on them. There is a picture floating around but I think it’s already packed up.
We all know what Hammer Pants were, no need to explain. I had a vibrant purple pair with a matching cropped jacket. I wore it to my uncles wedding where my cousin wore an almost identical outfit just in a different color.

Boomboxes were a must. How else were you going to play all those cassette tapes? These days our music is small but in the 80’s bigger was better. My radio wasn’t so big, it did have two cassette decks though so I could make those awesome mixed tapes for my friends and lov-ahs.

Sweaty feet of that decade were thanking Jelly Shoes. These squeaky, slippery creatures served no purpose and weren’t even that pretty but yes I had a pair.