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Why Do Delaware School’s Around Us Suck So Bad?

One of the ONLY reasons and I mean ONLY reason we didn’t want to move back to Delaware was because of the school system. Right now the high school that Sabreena is going to is on academic watch. Being on academic watch means you didn’t fulfill testing requirements and a bunch of other criteria set by the state. The guidelines say if your child’s school is under academic watch they can choice out (meaning transfer) to another district school that isn’t under improvement but guess what all of the schools around us are on academic watch also.

We lived in Maryland for the last 3 years while Sabreena was is grades 6, 7 and 8 and Shaun was in K and 1st. We LOVED the schools in Maryland that Shaun and Sabreena went to. We felt the teachers were great and academically they were challenged. This year Sabreena’s high school sucks and so do all of the high schools around us the only good thing is that Shaun’s school is actually rated superior by the state. Thank goodness for one small nugget of good news.

This year is going to be a big challenge for Sabreena for a couple of reasons. The first is because it is high school. I think high school is a HUGE adjustment for kids and takes some getting use to. Teachers and students work differently in high school then they do in middle and elementary school. The second reason is her classes. Sabreena told us the honors science class that she is in this year (9th grade) is the same class that she had last year in Maryland in the 8th grade (NOT GOOD). Also they put her in Spanish 1 when she is suppose to be in Spanish 3. Sabreena went to see her guidance counselor Thursday but she was not in the office so she is going to try again after the Labor Day Weekend. I hope everything works out and the guidance consoler is able to help Sabreena get her schedule fixed.

I haven’t heard one thing about Shaun and school so in my book no news is good news. Plus if anything was going on Melinda would be sure to fill me in. So I am hoping next week things turn around for Sabreena and this class crap gets fixed so she can focus on her studies and not her schedule which should have been taken care of in the first place by school.

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