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Save Art in our Schools with Schoola

Every child deserves an active, happy and creative childhood, one that involves safe and secure environment to create with friends and classmates. Some schools are able to provide a wide array of activities, classes and courses for their students. But budget constraints prohibit some school districts from providing the additional funds needed for play equipment, materials for art programs and instruments for music classes. Schoola is stepping in to help with this very problem.

Schoola is an online shopping destination where a family can turn their children’s outgrown clothing into money for their school.  Donated clothing is sold and a percentage of your sale is given directly to your school of choice. Families can clean our closets, shop for non-stop growing kids and benefit their community in just a few easy steps.

Save Art in Schools with #clothes4school

Yick Wo Elementary School in California has had to do without Art Class.  Art is special for developing minds. It teaches children to follow what is in their heart, self-expression and independence. Art and creative classes aren’t a luxury, they are needed to help sculpt the strengths and skills in our children’s minds. Art has been proven to improve enhance test scores, social skills, critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving.  Yick Wo Elementary students come from a multitude of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Providing a creative space where everyone can work and learn equally brings them together with no boundaries or expectations.

“School has a lot of rules to follow but in art you can be free. You can see what you have in front of you and then turn that into something different,” says fourth-grader Orly.

Saving Art Class at Yick Wo Elementary School with

Shop on today a you’ll be giving back directly to Yick Wo Elementary. For every transaction made from this post $1 will sent to support those students art program.

Do you have a clothing donation to make?  Request a Schoola donation bag(postage is covered) from here and Schoola will donate $1 to the Yick Wo fund. PLUS 40%  made on the sale of your clothing donation will go back to the school of YOUR choice. That’s a Win/win in my book.

All children deserve the opportunities to reach high, create big and learn from each other. Help Yick Wo Elementary School or even your own school with some simple shopping this Back to School season.