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2nd Day at Port – Belize

Today was another AWESOME day aboard the Carnival Dream (how could it not be?). Today’s Port of Call was Belize. What I thought was really cool was The Dream didn’t pull into port to let us off but instead anchored 5 miles off shore and we were tendered into Belize. I am not 100% why but I think it is because the water is to shallow for The Dream to pull into Port. Also, if you don‘t know what tendering is it is when a smaller boat pulls along side The Dream and you transfer from one boat to the other and are then taken into Belize. It is really cool to look back off of the boat and see The Dream just anchored in the middle of the water with nothing around it (Kind of weird actually).

Belize was nice but we didn’t do much but walk around the shopping area. We didn’t book an excursion so we didn’t go to the beach or anything like that but it was still cool to see Belize. This was actually a late decision because Melinda and I decided at first just to skip this Port and stay on the ship but we decided we might regret not getting off so we did. We were in Belize for about an hour or so and then made our way back to The Dream. After we got back Shaun wanted to go to Camp Carnival (he loves going there) and Melinda and I went to grab lunch.

Since it was a day at Port the ship was kind of empty so we took advantage of the pools and the waterslides. Sabreena and I went on the twister and drain plug which are super fast water slides but a TON of fun. There is so much to talk about I can’t do it in one post so I will end it here for tonight but stay tuned because we have so much more to tell you and probably will be talking about it for a week or so after the cruise ends.

Tomorrows Port of Call is Isla Rotan, We are looking forward to this and we are also getting a tour of the Bridge (where the Captain drive the ship from) which we are SUPER excited about!!!

Thank you to Carnival for providing the complimentary 7-day cruise as part of their Mom-bassador Program. All opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and were not influenced in anyway by anyone.