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Why Is Moving So Expensive?

By now everyone should know we are moving back to DE at the end of June and we already have started cleaning and packing. A few weeks back I went to Home Depot and bought some small, medium and large packing boxes. So far Home Depot seems to have the best prices on boxes unfortunately I can’t get everything I need from Home Depot like mirror boxes, mattress covers and packing paper. My local Home Depot did have short wardrobe boxes for $9.98 a piece.

I went online tonight to see how much these other supplies would cost me and I couldn’t believe it. Mirror boxes are $4.25 a piece (need 3) and mattress covers are $2.95 for twin mattresses which I need three sets and $3.95 for a queen mattress which I need one set. I did go back to Home Depot on Sunday to buy 20 more small boxes but I am sure we also are going to need more boxes at some point. Factor in tape and packing paper and the costs are getting out of control. So far we probably have spent about $50 and are not even close to being finished. It is crazy how expensive cardboard is. I am sure but the time it is all said and done we will be $100 – $150 into moving supplies. These costs don’t include the moving truck I have to rent for four days (story for another time). If you know a packing/moving company that wants to give away moving boxes let me know as I could use the help.  These costs are starting to kill me.