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Win an Amazing Canvas Print from Canvas Factory

When talking about wall decor, I always mention adding some sort of art on the walls to liven up the space. A picture is a great way to showcase your personality and also cherish your memories. Pictures can tell whatever story you want them too. If you have always thought of getting a great canvas for your walls but for some reason haven’t gotten to it, this is a great chance for you.

canvas print

We have partnered with Canvas Factory to giveaway a gorgeous canvas so that you can have a wonderful art piece of your own. If you live in the USA or Canada then you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity.

Let me first tell you how the Canvas Factory works. The idea behind the business is that every home should have access to high-quality printed images but that is only possible if the high-quality images are affordable. So, the Canvas Factory provides affordable printed images that are of superior quality.

If you want to go through their gallery, you will find tons of amazing pictures from nature to lanspace to urban to architecture. Take your pick. You are sure to find something that suits your taste and the general aesthetic of the decor you are going for. If you would like to have a picture that you captured or a picture of your family or something that means a lot to you, that can be done too.

All you have to do is send in your picture and choose the material you want it to be printed on. You can also choose from effects to suit your style like acrylic look, HD metal prints, split canvases, collages, and more. The company will then print your image on the material of your choice with the effect you desire and the image will be delivered to your doorstep.

Anniversary gift

My favorite is the Canvas split images where one image is split into multiple canvases. I think it is very modern chic. This giveaway is definitely one that adds value to your home so do not forget to enter it as soon as possible. You get a chance to win a 50x40cm (20×16 inch) worth $45.15 / 45x30cm (18×12 inch) worth $34.30 of a great quality canvas print to own one of the best decor pieces that you will truly adore in your home.

Go ahead and enter the giveaway and have a great piece of art delivered to your doorstep!

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