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oKIDokie Sounds for Silence

oKIDokie announces the growing availability of its Sounds for Silence Settling Baby Program throughout the U.S. The program goes beyond sleep-assistance and baby soothing music CDs on the market or the use of lullabies and calms nine out of 10 babies; of those, one out of two settle in less than one minute.

The Sounds for Silence Program includes the Soundtracks and Sounds for Silence Baby Settling and Health Guide. It is the perfect holiday gift for new parents and is now available at a limited holiday season cost of $9.95 at

Infant colic and irritability, and the resulting parental sleep deprivation, affects about one million families each year in the United States. Nearly one in four babies has persistent infant irritability caused by colic.

Sounds for Silence was created by Pediatrician, Dr. Harry Zehnwirth to help parents solve infant sleep challenges, parental sleep deprivation and the resulting exhaustion and frustration.

The Sounds for Silence Soundtracks distract, engage and quickly soothe unsettled babies with rhythmical, familiar and reassuring sounds. With a 90 percent success rate, Sounds for Silence is also soothing to parents.

This would have been great for Shaun and Shae when they were babies.  They love music now at bed time and I am sure Sounds of Silence would have helped them on those restless nights when they weren’t able to settle down and get to sleep which was often with the both of them.

The program also comes with the Sounds for Silence Baby Settling and Health Guide. This practical book contains reassuring advice for parents on settling strategies, managing irritability and infant health issues. It is written from a no-nonsense perspective that cuts through the outdated conventions and myths of child-rearing. It is uplifting and reassures parents that they are not alone and their infant’s sleeping challenges are not uncommon.

Dr. Zehnwirth encourages parents to follow their intuition and have confidence to listen to their heart when it comes to fulfilling their baby’s needs. New parents are bombarded with advice from friends and family, as well as outdated and conflicting information, often resulting in them feeling inadequate and guilty. Instead, Dr Zehnwirth and Sounds for Silence supports parents with information, practical strategies and reassurance.

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