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Kid’s Chore Chart #kidsinthekitchen #printable

Growing up I learned how to clean the kitchen, bathroom, vacuum, dust and even cook. I wasn’t necessarily taught these things but I had to figure out how to do them and do them right. Saturday was cleaning day and it had to be done before any fun stuff. Today I’m trying to instill the same principles in my kids.

Each day they have their own set of chores to be completed before playtime, tv time, video game time. Shae is only 5 so her chores aren’t as elaborate or difficult but she likes to help the others. With Summer coming up I have to be more diligent with enforcing chores because we all like to be a little lazy when there aren’t pressing matters or errands to run.
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Chore Chart for Kids

Here is what I’ve come up with or my kids according to their age.



  • Set table, prepare for dinner (not cook)
  • Clean kitchen after dinner; includes sweeping and steam mopping floor
  • Vacuum area rug in living room and hallway


  • Dust house excluding kitchen, Shaun’s room and Shae’s room
  • Vacuum 1/2 house



  • Empty small trash cans
  • Take out recycling
  • Dog Poop Patrol in yard
  • Set table, prepare for dinner (not cook)
  • Clean table after dinner


  • Dust his and Shae’s room with Shae’s help
  • Bring dirty laundry down
  • Vacuum 1/2 house



  • Empty backpack and lunchbag
  • Put backpack and shoes in bedroom
  • Help set table and clear table after dinner


  • Help dust bedroom
  • Help bring laundry down

Looking at it on paper it seems like a lot but most things just take minutes to complete. This lists are kept in the kitchen since that is the hub of the house; it’s the first room they come into and usually the last one they visit on the way out.

Did you have fun in the “kitchen” this week? Did you try a new food or a new kid friendly restaurant? Did your littlest ones use their snacks to count to 10? We invite you to share your experiences, photos, stories or recipes that include your #kidsinthekitchen.

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