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Wisk Fights Oil Stains-Experiment #3

Wisk Blogger

We’ve been telling you all about the stain fighting power of Wisk Stain Spectrum Technology laundry detergent. This month’s experiment is all about oil stains. Moms all over the world are most familiar with the dreaded lipstick stain whether it’s on our clothes in a handbag or on your favorite linen napkins.

Watch how Wisk with Stain Spectrum Technology washes away a lipgloss from a towel.

As you can see we had a little trouble get the stain completely out the first time. It took a little elbow grease but it did finally disappear. We’ve been thoroughly impressed with our experiences using Wisk and not just these fun experiments but for our regular laundry too.
Stains fall into many categories and Wisk has upgraded its formula to fight them all. Visit the new interactive Wisk site to learn about certain stains, download a coupon or watch one of their new commercials.

Wisk Stain Spectrum Technology