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Last Night Was A Great Night

Last night I ran to the store to pick up a new belt and cologne and Sabreena (my teen) wanted to tag along.

She needed a few new sweaters so I said yes and we went.  Usually I feel like I don’t have much to say to her and that is 100% my fault.  She is into Nerd Fighters and stuff like that so I guess I am out of the loop but last night was AWESOME!!!

I really enjoyed spending time with her and we had a lot of conversations.  Some important some not but that is what made it fun.  It was just me and my now teenage girl and it was really really nice.

I need to listen more instead of bitch at her over stupid shit because she does have stuff to say and no matter what I think it is important.  Last night opened my eyes to a whole new world and I am liking it a lot!!!  It sucks it has taken me so long to realize this!!!

Need to Get My Priorities In Order

Yesterday was a day where everyone stayed in and did nothing.  When I say nothing I mean no running around doing errands or things like that. 

Shae and I played this:

And after dinner Shaun and I built this:

In case you couldn’t tell from the top picture Shae and I played Candyland. I told her I would play Hi Ho Cherrio but that didn’t work, LOL. Shaun also hounded me all morning to make the Solar Rover that he got yesterday and FINALLY we did.

Today made me realize I do not spend enough time with the kids just playing and having fun with them.  Between work, the blog, Cub Scouts and life the kids playtime with me seems to come last.  In reality they should be a priority and not last on the list.  Today was an eye opener for me and made me realize where my priorities need to be.

Bikini Conversation

This weekend my 13 year old daughter was going to a friends pool party and a few days earlier asked if she could get a new bathing suit. We got her a nice bathing suit at the beginning of the summer but from what I was gathering she wanted a new one.

This conversation took place over dinner Thursday night and when I asked my daughter what she wanted she said a bikini. Here are a few of the thoughts that immediately popped into my head in regards to my 13 years old getting a bikini: she is only 13 why does she need a bikini, boys are going to be checking her out, does she want a bikini because her fiends wear them? I had a few more thoughts but I will keep those to myself. I know I am being an overbearing father!

I know sometimes ok most of the time I am irrational but really, does a 13 year old need a bikini? The first thing I said after she asked is “why now? you have never wanted one before”. Thinking to myself that was the perfect reason for her not to get one my wife said “just because she didn’t want one before doesn’t mean anything. She wants one now”. Now my heart is beating fast and I am sweating bullets. This is my 13 year old lovely, sweet daughter we are talking about. I didn’t want to be a total tool so I said ok and left it in my wife’s hand since she was going to be taking my daughter to get it.

So at the end of the day my daughter chose a bathing suit that was a 2 piece but not exactly a bikini. The top piece covers her stomach so I feel a little better for now. I am sure next summer the bikini conversation will come up again. I know I am not going to be able to avoid the bikini forever but this is my 13 year old baby we are talking about!!!! I hope my 2 year old won’t want a bikini when she is 13. LOL.