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Lonesome George Needs Your Help

In a former or next life my career path will be very different. I want to travel the world and explore species of animals that few people ever see. Lonesome George is one of them. He’s a 100 year old Pinta tortoise from the Galapagos Islands that may be the last of his species.
Lonesome George has become the icon for world conservationists and ecological educators. Lonesome George is also the name of a clothing and accessories collection designed to inspire people to respect and embrace the world we have. Wearing Lonesome George & Co Impact Apparel makes a statement to those around you that you care and want to be part of the change for good.

Sabreena received the 1930 Element tee that features Lonesome George himself as well as a message asking for help. She’s chosen the right career path; Environmental Engineering. She wants to do something good for the world; she’s on the right track already. The tee is soft, thick, cut large and long and expected to last a long time.

Created using organic Peruvian Pima cotton each tee, hoodie and tote helps support the efforts to bring back the Galapagos Islands where it should be. This oasis and home to many unique species of animals is under attack by commercial fishing, tourism and introduced species. The money raised with the sale of Lonesome George products goes directly to programs to prevent more loss.

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