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Venues You Must Visit in Dallas

Visiting Dallas may feel like you have been taken back into a television show from days gone by. The city itself is anything but stuck in the past. If you want to experience city life combined with Texas hospitality and culture, then you will be in for a treat with a night out at a traditional bar. 

If you know you will be drinking a lot then you can plan ahead for a way to get back to your accommodation. Remember to always opt for a fully licensed mode of transport for your own safety and security. At all costs, try to avoid getting behind the wheel after an alcoholic beverage – if you do happen to find yourself involved in a drink driving accident, call a DWI lawyer from Dallas

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Some nights out call for the utmost level of class. You’ll find this at the Parliament on Allen Street. Whether you are out for a celebration, on a date, with your work colleagues, or entertaining a client, the Parliament will allow for a wide range of scenarios that call for more than your standard watering hole. You can get top drinks here, cocktails, as well as a large selection of wines, spirits, and beers. Reviews also show that the staff are friendly to locals and travellers alike, so you are ensured a warm welcome. 

The Grapevine

If you are looking for a local dive bar that is safe, friendly, and can offer a good drink, then the Grapevine is for you. Located on Maple Avenue, they offer traditional bar options such as happy hour, as well as more upmarket drinks including champagne and a selection of delicious cocktails. Being so close to the city centre, you will easily be able to get a taxi home from here, or you can stay in one of the many local hotels that Dallas has to offer. 

Black Swan Saloon

Located on Elm Street, this bar is far from a horror story! Boasting all the fun of Vegas and saloons of the wild west, the Black Swan Saloon is for patrons who want to have a truly enjoyable evening. While they serve a good selection of drinks, it is also important to note that they play music too. At times, this may be standard background noise that you’d see in any bar, but at others, they boast live bands in the country, rock, and blues genres.

You don’t need to visit somewhere with the sole intention of an out of hand, loud night out. For a few drinks in respectable establishments, while enjoying all that Dallas has to offer, you might want to spend some time in their bars. Remember to always watch what you drink, and ensure that you have a limit and stick to it, for your own personal health and safety.