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Why Isn’t NO Good Enough?

In our house the word NO for some reason doesn’t mean NO and I am not totally sure why that is.  My kids hear the word No but insist on asking the same question again minutes later thinking the answer is going to be different.

Example: Last night Shaun asked to play Xbox 360 and Melinda told him No because he played Wii for about an hour earlier in the evening.  It couldn’t have been a minute later and he asked the same thing again.  Then maybe five minutes passed before asking again.  At this point I was pissed and I told him if he kept it up he wasn’t going to get dessert.  Melinda and I ran to Wawa for coffee and I needed gas in my car.  When we got back from Wawa can you believe Shaun asked to play Xbox 360 again and this time I flew off the deep end and sent him to bed.

Maybe I was a bit extreme in sending him to bed an hour early but in a 30 minute period he asked to play Xbox 360 four times when he already knew the answer was No.  I hate when we tell the kids No to something and they disregard our answer and ask again.  I feel like it is total disrepect for us as parents.

I don’t tell my kids No for no reason or just to be mean. Believe it or not we usually have a good reason for telling them No.  Also, this post focused on something Shaun did but believe me Shae does the same crap often as well. I am only pointing out Shaun because it just happened and is fresh in my mind.

My hope is some day my kids understand No really means No and not to ask the same thing minutes later.  I am sure I am dreaming but I need something to look forward to don’t I?

Everyone Needs A Trenta!!!! NOT!!!!!

I saw this on CNN and thought it was worthy of a post.  Starbucks is starting to offer there cold drinks in a new size called “Trenta”.  That is Starbuck’s new 31 ounce beverage that means “Excessive”.  Who the hell needs 31 ounces of iced coffee at one time?  Maybe I am alone in my thinking on this but it seems like a lot and then we wonder why we are the Fat Nation.  Companies keep making there food and drinks larger and we as Americans keep eating and drinking these larger size items.  I am sure once Trenta’s hit Starbucks all over the country people will be buying them.  Just seems crazy to me.