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How Can Fashion Brands Utilize Shoppable Features on Instagram for Boosting Sales

Instagram is a hot-favorite photo-sharing social media platform that has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. It boasts of over 25 million businesses that are registered on this versatile platform. No wonder today Instagram is the most sought-after destination for promoting your business via advertising and online marketing. Top fashion brands are actively using Instagram to showcase their unique creations and to effectively engage, connect, and interact with their precise target audience. Instagram surely is a fantastic platform for building a robust community, fortifying bond with your customers, and flaunting your brand personality, etc. 


All fashion brands by now have realized that Instagram is an incredibly powerful and vibrant fashion force that is proving to be helpful in boosting sales and setting trends. As per the findings of several studies, there are over 80 million shoppers on Instagram across 120 nations. It certainly makes sense. Instagram is an intensely visual social media channel that proves to be a perfect destination for inspiring brand new trends and promoting a lifestyle that goes much beyond the conventional ways. Instagram is intrinsically compatible with fashion brands because fashion is all about community and visual dimensions.

As per a fashion guru on, social media has been acting as a double-edged sword in terms of both fashion, as well as, fashion copying. True, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms help small lesser-known fashion brands to reach a much broader target audience. However, on the flipside, this has made copying and even sale of copies much simpler and definitely, easier.

Shoppable Features for Fashion Brands Planning to Initiate Sales on Instagram

Shopping via Instagram Stories is certainly not something new. Numerous fashion brands and even influencers have been briefing their potential customers and followers to start ‘shopping their stories’ by incorporating product URLs along with ‘Shop Now’ CTAs within their Instagram Stories. Here are some shoppable features for new or lesser-known fashion brands to start selling on Instagram.

Shoppable Posts

You must capitalize on Instagram’s Shoppable Posts that make things simpler for users to go on shopping the items they find on the platform simply by tagging those items on posts. This smart shopping feature of Instagram has been having a huge impact on both shoppers and fashion brands too. Shoppers could enjoy buying the products they want without exiting the app. Moreover, followers could even tap on the prominent ‘Shop’ button present on their profile for seeing one by one all the items that have been tagged individually. 

They have the option of bookmarking the items that they wish to shop later. You could click for choosing from various options like color or size. You may then go on to make the payment. You could complete the entire process without exiting the Instagram app! You simply need to enter your name, billing information, email ID, and most importantly, the shipping address while checking out the first time. Fashion brands could buy Instagram followers and likes by getting in touch with a reliable digital marketing agency.

Shoppable Stickers of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories provide a feature called Shoppable Stickers. Fashion followers have the liberty of tapping on each sticker for getting more information and details about the specific product advertisement thereafter, buy the product. We know that tagging products feature present on Instagram Stories could be a far more organic way of promoting shopping on Instagram Stories. This lets you demonstrate product features and other detailed information without being spammy or salesy. The Instagram Stories’ shopping sticker could prove to be a wonderful marketing asset and a boon for smaller upcoming fashion brands.

Shopping From Creators 

Users now enjoy the ability of shopping straightaway from the account of the fashion designer who created the outfit without at all exiting the Instagram app. Fashion brands are free to tag their products on posts thus, making it simpler for their followers so that they could go ahead and buy their favorite items from the creators straightaway from their feed.

Instagram Shopping Channel

Instagram has now come up with an amazing shopping channel for helping you in locating product-associated posts from your favorite brands that you are already following and also from brands that Instagram assumes that you would like. This is a golden opportunity for e-commerce brands and online retailers to reach brand new audiences and keep showcasing their creations to a broader and highly-engaged audience of more than 500 million each day. 

Moreover, the topic channels of Instagram could assist you in browsing content relevant to your precise interests and taste like fashion, food, sports, photography, music, travel, and even more. Thanks to Instagram’s novel feature the Shopping Channel, you could enjoy getting product-associated posts from all the brands that are followed by you or those brands you are aspiring to buy. Instagram Shopping Channel: the brand new feature on Explore necessarily provides a highly-centralized way of shopping on Instagram. Moreover, since the Instagram algorithm is aware of what or who you are engaging with or following; it would be putting in tremendous efforts displaying to you only those shopping posts that you may find interesting. 


Thanks to the above-discussed shoppable features, fashion brands could now rest assured that their product posts could be strategically presented to potential new audiences who would be interested to buy those products.