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Meet the New Flip Family and enter to WIN Flip MinoHD

One of the hottest and most popular gifts this season is the Flip camcorder. It’s small package, easy to use design and quick download are it’s greatest features.  It’s small enough to carry everywhere but still powerful enough to to capture those funniest/sweetest/happiest moments in your life?

A lot families struggle with using video cameras on a regular basis because they aren’t very user friendly. Chargers, cables, replacing batteries,memory cards, size and price are the biggest complaints. The answer to all of these issues is the Flip Video UltraHD or MinoHD or the newest addition, the SlideHD point and share camcorder.  Cisco launched a new line of Flip cameras that still have the great features we’ve grown to love but now with enhanced quality, a sleeker design and fun accessories and design options. The simplicity of using this camcorder is still its biggest selling point. Turn it on and you’re ready to go. There is a zoom in/out feature too but I don’t use it that often as I’m mostly recording the kids doing something or Rob eating something strange.

The Flip gets its name from the flip out USB plug that allows instant upload to YouTube, your pc or a separate editing program. No need for a separate software upload; the FlipShare program installs directly to your PC when you first plug in. Doing this also charges the Flip camera.

There are 3 choices of cameras from Flip; the Mino HD, the Ultra HD and the new SlideHD. The differences between them in my opinion are slight. The UltraHD can utilize batteries while the SlideHD has a larger image viewing screen. We’ve only had MinoHD cameras and they’ve always proved to be efficient, really good quality and best of all easy to use.

We’ve been using our Flip cameras almost exclusively for over a year. We do break out our JVC Everio for Christmas just due to capacity and battery life. The Flip is always in my purse waiting for that next great moment. We captured a great one on our family cruise this summer; Shae learned how to swim.

One complaint I have about the Flip is the lack of extra lighting or a flash but I’ve come to adjust my filming especially if it’s something planned. Instead of using in our low light living room I take it to the kitchen or better yet outside where we always get great products. Also I see where people can complain about the fixed FlipPort. Unless you are sitting on a stable, flat surface there is a chance that you can easily damage it by letting it dangle.

Win your own Flip MinoHD from Cisco here at LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Visit Flip’s Do You Flip? YouTube Channel and tell me which video is your favorite.


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