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Let’s Talk About Sex Education, or the Lack of it.

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For the last few months I’ve been doing an outrageous amount of research for my bill for Youth in Government. I had to figure out what I wanted to change about the State of Delaware and try to create a law about it. While I was thinking about a topic I kept coming back to one issue, teen pregnancy. Delaware is 6th in the country with the highest teen pregnancy rates. After doing some more digging I found that states with Comprehensive Sexual Education have lower teen pregnancy and teen STD rates than those with other forms of Sex Education.

Comprehensive Sex Ed is taught throughout a student’s entire school career. It starts with lessons about bullying and inappropriate touching in kindergarten through second grade. Third through fifth graders will learn about the human body, body image, healthy relationships with adults and other children and identifying adults who they can talk to when they have questions about their bodies. In middle school they learn the standard Sex Ed lessons that most children are taught, with lessons about puberty, the reproductive system and different types of contraception while stressing that abstinence is the best option. During high school, teenagers learn about the importance of protecting themselves if they chose to have sex, healthy sexual and emotional relationships, pregnancy options, and symptoms and treatments for STDs.

What makes Comprehensive Sex Ed different from abstinence-only-until-marriage Sexual Education is the idea that we have accepted that some teenagers are going to have sex and that it is our job to make sure they understand how to protect themselves from pregnancy and STDs. By teaching kids that abstinence is the only option, schools are leaving them open to STDs and pregnancies because they don’t know how to use or even obtain any kind of contraceptive. It’s better to be educated about the dangers of sex than to be kept in the dark and open yourself up to them. I wanted to make Comprehensive Sex Ed required in Delaware so that one day we could be like New Hampshire, with only 3% of all teenagers getting pregnant instead of our current 9%.

This is not a sponsored post. The information and statistics were gathered independently from professionals in the health and sexual education field by Sabreena to be used in her bill presented to “Legislation”.

Inappropriate influences

I feel like I am influenced by everything around me. Things like television and music probably affect me the most. However it seems like it’s just influencing me to hate them. I can’t stand 95% of the music on the radio and I feel a special kind of hatred towards artists like Katy Perry and K-E-$-HA. It seems like their music is just really inappropriate for my siblings to be listening to. Kesha is constantly singing about drinking and doing drugs and my sister will walk around singing her songs without knowing what she is really saying. It’s really creepy.

gross kesha

And then there’s the TV. Stuff like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom is absolutely ridiculous. They just make it look cool for people to act like idiots or to get pregnant at 16. You have no idea how many Baby Snookies I see at school now. I don’t understand why this is seen as entertainment because it’s just stupid. It’s very inappropriate to pay these people so other people can watch them be morons. There are plenty of other TV shows on that are actually interesting for the people where the actors deserve to be paid for their work.

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