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Sabreena’s Graduation and Party

You may remember several weeks back, Sabreena graduated High School. It was a big deal. She’s not only our first to graduate but the first grandchild and niece. Her graduation was attended by my parents and my sister and of course our family.

The Graduate on her Big Day

The Graduate on her Big Day #family #graduation

We started with dinner and then went to the actual ceremony that was held at the University of Delaware Bob Carpenter Center. All the local high schools have their graduation there. It’s indoors and holds lots of people. We were extra early to ensure we had good seats.

The graduation party wasn’t until a month later. We planned for weeks. Made sure there was plenty of food and drinks and space for the people. Of course she asked for pulled pork on the smoker. Think we made enough?

Happy Graduation Sabreena #family #memories

What was supposed to be at our neighborhood pool ended up being at our house. I’m so glad we made the switch. It was great to be in our own space. See the little dare devil in the air? That’s my 4yo niece Ella.

Happy Graduation Sabreena #family #memories

Happy Graduation Sabreena #family #memories

Friends and family came and we had a great time. My best friend brought her inflatable water slide. That was definitely the icing on the cake. I even made a mini photo opp for everyone including props and a cool background.Happy Graduation Sabreena #family #memories Happy Graduation Sabreena #family #memories

Everyone had a great time. I am so grateful for the friends and family that came to support and celebrate Sabreena during her special moment. She’ll be leaving in just under a month for college. While she isn’t going far she won’t be home everyday with us. It’s gonna be a huge adjustment but we’re so proud of her.

Wordless Wednesday – Another Graduation

This seems like just yesterday; Sabreena’s Kindergarten Graduation.  In 2 weeks she’ll be leaving middle school, graduating 8th grade and in just a few short months starting High School.  How time flies