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I Love My Grill – FINALLY!

Just the other day I went to Home Depot to get my two propane tanks filled for my grill to get the grilling season underway. Don’t get me wrong we grill all year long but during the spring and summer we grill 3-4 times a week.

I have always has very inexpensive grills that would last a few years and then would need to be replaced so last spring I finally decided that I really wanted a nice grill so I started looking at the Weber and Napoleon grill collections. Someone must have been looking down on me for some reason because last spring Weber contacted us about doing a review of one of their gas grills. When Melina told me this I almost passed out and I might have blacked out for a second due to the excitement of a brand new Weber grill. I know it seems stupid but to men having a nice quality grill to call their own is important and after 36 years I finally have one.

Now that I finally have a nice grill I need to find a website about grills and bbq so that I can become the best weekend griller that I can be because right now my skills are limited. My range of expertise is burgers, hot dogs, chicken, pork and steak. I would love to learn how to cook fish on the grill because from what I hear it is amazing. I am sure after some research and practice I will get it down and now that the weather is turning nice I have all the time in the work for practice.

Do you have a grill? Would you like or do you need a new one?

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Smores without the Fire-Recipe

We camp, not tent camp but air-conditioned, running water, olympic sized pool included camper camping. Aside from the water park our favorite part about camping is a glowing fire with S’mores!  Since camping only comes around a couple times a year I had to figure out a way to bring s’mores to the table more often.

Grilled S’mores! That’s right, Grilled S’mores. Here’s what you’ll need.

graham crackers
chocolate bars
bbq grill (or oven)

heat up grill or oven to a low temperature (around 225), I turn the gas on a little bit and just turn on the burner in the back.  this makes the inside warm but not HOT

Break graham crackers in half (2 squares each) and place on grill or cookie sheet. Top half of the crackers with marshmallows, close cover or place in oven until marshmallow is soft.  Check the marshmallow progress after 3-4 minutes.  Once the marshmallows have puffed it’s time to remove from heat and assemble.  The heat from the marshmallow and graham cracker is enough to soften the chocolate. While you don’t get that real campfire char on the marshmallows these are a great alternative when a roaring fire is nowhere to be found.

This isn’t an exact recipe just a guideline, amounts,timing, temperatures and textures may vary.