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Delivery Services Put New Spin On Grocery Shopping

In 2017, it is impossible to deny that the way we shop has changed. Instead of going to the electronics store for a new pair of headphones, or a video store to rent a DVD, most people buy these things online — just like they buy books, clothes, cars, and, increasingly, groceries. Given that having food delivered directly to one’s front door is convenient, reduces food waste, saves time, and helps build a healthy diet, it is no wonder it is becoming the option of choice for consumers across Canada.

One of the main innovators in this field, is an online meat delivery service specializing in beef delivery, chicken delivery, and wild-caught fish delivery. Attentive to consumer demands, their business model is based on making sure anyone living in Ontario has the ability to order fresh meat online, and have it delivered to their home, apartment, or office as soon as the next day. They also offer the possibility for customers to create automatically recurring orders that are flexible and fit to their individual monthly or weekly needs. It’s even possible for them to skip a month and start back up where they left off, or conversely to place large or small one-time orders.

As well as ease of time management and meal planning, delivery companies are providing access to clean, fresh, high-quality products. Recent trends have seen an increase in demand for foods, particularly meat, that are ethically raised by independent and local farms. Finding locally produced meat is getting easier with the partnership between farmers and grocery delivery services. Grocery delivery companies are now acting as a convenient third party, bringing the quality of the farm to the demand of the city.

Grocery shopping

For the thoughtful shopper, these innovations open up all kinds of possibilities. Not only is it easier to plan meals and save money, it allows them to do so without sacrificing quality. Unlike the meat of varying quality that may be available at the local supermarket (especially in some of the more far-flung communities in Ontario), the delivery service ensures access to prime cuts, succulent chickens, and some of the best premium steak online. And those concerned about sustainability and environmental impact can rest assured that the meat is all anti-biotic free with no added hormones, and local to Ontario.

Delivery services also reduce food waste, because they allow the consumer to more closely monitor how much meat they are consuming over the course of the month. Knowing they have another delivery coming up is an incentive to eat the last of the previous delivery, to avoid food piling up in the refrigerator or freezer and falling victim to spoilage or freezer burn.

While there will always be consumers who prefer the experience of strolling through a brick-and-mortar shop, for those who simply can’t spare the time, services that offer fresh groceries are an alternative that allows them to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle without spending hours every week travelling to and from the supermarket. With enough interest and demand for grocery delivery, the future is bright for this growing industry.