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The Things A Mother Saves

With the impending move we’re cleaning out closets, boxes, drawers and more. I stumbled on this little gem in Sabreena’s box of goodies.  It’s painted so cute but the truth is it just hold gross old baby teeth. Only a mother would think it would be a good idea to save something like this.
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The Dawn Of The Disgusting Public Restroom

I have no idea what inspired this post but for some reason as of last I am not cool with public restrooms for anything more then a quick pee. What makes it ok to go to the bathroom with only a tiny flimsy wall between the stalls that doesn’t even go from the ceiling to the floor? Nothing better then looking to your left or right and seeing someone’s pants and underwear all the way down to their ankles. WTF! Also, I am a tall guy so when I stand up to pull up my pants you know the persons next to me can see my head towering over the stall, again WTF!

At home we have a door that we close and one toilet and we have a little privacy (well, most of us do anyway). Why do I want to hear the guy next to me going to the bathroom and farting up a storm? GROSS.

I am actually cracking up while writing this post! I am so immature!

I understand the need for the public restroom but I wish it was a bunch of toilets enclosed like a port o potty but only cleaner. Actually now I think of it the bathroom on the floor where I work is disgusting to the tenth power. Today is a good example where someone took a crap and stopped up the toilet and didn’t have a plunger and I swear the brown nasty water was an inch from the top of the toilet about to spill all over the floor. People are so nasty and gross. The person who did that at work wouldn’t have just left that mess in their own bathroom at home so why do it at work.

Oh well what are you going to do. I will still continue to use public restroom because I have to but no one said I had to enjoy using them.

How do you feel about public restrooms?