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Give Your Closet a Makeover

Give Your Closet a Makeover
By Carol Tuttle

If you are like most women, there are too many times you go into your closet with the thought, “I feel like I have nothing to wear!” as you stand there looking at a closet full of clothes!
Your husband has no clue why you could feel this way, because in his eyes, you have more than enough to wear in there!
The problem is not in quantity, the problem is in not having a closet full of clothes and other fashion items that you KNOW look great on you and more importantly you feel great in!
Too many times you have listened to “others” in making some of your fashion purchases, or you have used the “it fits and it’s on sale” as your only standard of what you should buy without any thought to “is this really the best for me? And do I love it?”
Take time this Spring to give your closet a makeover by following these 5 simple steps:

1. Go through your clothes and create 3 categories:
a. I haven’t worn it in a year and I probably won’t wear it in the next year – I just don’t like it
b. Maybe I like it
c. I love it!
Pile a. goes to a charity or Women’s Center. Go through pile b. again and really make a decision, be really honest, can you say you love it, if not it goes to pile a. Pile c. is the keepers.

2. Assess how much black you have hanging in your closet. If black clothes are taking up at least one third to half your closet, it is pretty gloomy in there. Commit to not buying any more black clothes until you have at least two-thirds to three-fourths of your closet in color.
3. Assess your shoes. Do you have some fun, stylish shoes you love? If not it’s time to get yourself a pair.
4. How old is your purse? If you have been using it for more than a year, it’s time to get a new one.
5. Do you have jewelry you have fun wearing? Get some fun jewelry that adds some spice to your outfits. No jewelry is like being served a birthday cake with no frosting… boring! Shoes, handbags, and jewelry are what make getting dressed fun!

Giving your closet a makeover does more for you than bringing new life to your closet, you get a makeover too, since what’s in your closet goes on you! Have fun sprucing your closet and yourself up!

Carol Tuttle is the best-selling author of Dressing Your Truth, a radio show host, a speaker, and a successful business woman as the creator and founder of Energy Profiling. Having worked in the self-help and self-realization field for most of her career, she has experienced the myriad of tools and systems we resource to assist us in discovering and living our truth. Get to know Carol a little better on BlogTalkRadio, Mondays 7-8PM, MST.

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This is a Guest Blog post, the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to the author, Carol Tuttle. Your experiences and reactions may differ.

Blogging As A Team

I’m impressed with male bloggers.

Not that I ever thought men weren’t well-written, but in such a big blogosphere of “mommy-bloggers” and women bloggers, it’s refreshing to read a dad’s point of view!

I love the comedy they bring to the table.

And, often I tear up when they share a tender moment about their kids.

If I could only tear my hubby away from the History channel and get him to write for my blog.

I tried it once, “Ghost Host” and it didn’t go well.

Well, if you have a few cocktails, then read it, maybe it’s funny.

Sometimes I think he gets that “when the camera’s rolling” face and has to put on a show.

I tried again, and it just got worse…”An Engineer and a Naked Lady Walk into a Bar…” who is this guy?

Last attempt, “The Nerd and the Superhero” sigh.

So maybe he’s not cut out to be a blogger.

We won’t be a hubby and wife tag team like Rob and Melinda have going on here.

Sharing the podium, sharing their views on reviews and giveaways, they’ve got something great going on!

I’m a solo act I guess.

I’ll leave the team stuff to the pros.

Plus, to be honest, I think my hubby would struggle with a following.

The Engineer/Wanna-be-Comedian/History-Channel-watching/Home Depot-shopping crowd is huge though.

But, hugely absent in the blogosphere.

Could you and your spouse be a blogging team?! Why or why not?

This guest post was written by The Mom Jen who is a mom of 3 and wife of 1, and writes for Cheaper Than Therapy-Musings of The Mom Jen and also at Therapeutic Reviews & Giveaways. Cut her some slack she gets nervous writing for other people’s awesome blogs!

Organize Yourself For Summer Travel

Hi, we are Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch, cofounders of Buttoned Up Inc , an organizational lifestyle company that helps busy people get more done by helping them successfully organize less. We are also the co-authors of the recently published book, Everything (Almost) In Its Place (St. Martin’s Press). As moms, we know how difficult it can be to make traveling fun for kids no matter what the mode of transportation is. Here are some tips for making a car trip fun and educational for your kids as you travel this summer:

#1: Be Prepared for Everything
Just as you have your house stocked in case of an emergency, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared should anything happen in your car as well. Your glove compartment should hold a pair of sunglasses, the trunk should have extra water and a blanket, and you should have a first aid kit under the passenger seat. In case of an accident, a helpful tool is something called Collision.kit by Buttoned Up which includes information cards and a camera to ensure you have everything you need to record the details of the incident (Available at; $20). Make a code word like “SpongeBob” and if Mommy uses that phrase it means road conditions are difficult and it’s time for everyone in the car to be quite. If you set up a ground rule like this ahead of time you’ll save some stress if there’s a downpour or bad construction.

#2: Know Where You Are Going
‘We’re lost.’ The two words nobody wants to hear on a road trip. (That, and ‘I’m queasy.’) Fortunately, nowadays it’s easier than ever to know exactly where you’re going before you get into the car. For those of us lucky enough to have a GPS system, it will do the work for you. If you’re still on your own, use internet site like Google Maps, or MapQuest to plot your destination and print out the best route to get there. Before you leave, make a map that the kids can follow along on as well. You can teach them about distances and time. Just get some self laminating paper for it so their map doesn’t rip or get ruined if it gets wet. It’s also fun to let them pick one place they want to stop along the way—Even if it’s a skateboard park.

#3: Keep the Backseat Happy
And now for the hard part: the backseat. Don’t worry, though, since a little preparedness will go a long way in keeping kids (and adults) not just occupied, but genuinely entertained. Most importantly, always bring plenty of snacks, plus trash bags and wipes for the resulting mess. Fuller stomachs make happier kids. As far as keeping them entertained, DVD players are becoming ubiquitous in many of today’s cars, but try some of the classic games, such as the license plate game, or ‘I Spy’. Not only are these more interactive, but they tend to be the ones your kids will remember when they grow up and go on their own road trips.

#4: Let them Document the Trip
Give older kids a travel journal right before you leave for the trip. Encourage them to write and draw whatever they see or hear that’s interesting to them. Also, present the kids their own disposable camera. You might be surprised the new perspective they capture of the trip.

#5: Give them a “Trip Allowance”
This money can be rationed for items at theme park gift shops, the gas station for snacks, or souvenirs. However, make it very clear that they have to ration it properly because once it’s gone, there’s no more money. Be sure to stick to your guns. Set up a system ahead of the trip as well to earn extra “Trip Allowance” money by weeding the garden, cleaning out the garage or organizing their summer clothes. It’s a great extra incentive to teach them about hard work and earned rewards.

#6: Get Historical
My 7 year old daughter loves to learn, especially about history. Find educational stops along the way. These places are usually free or cheap but are interesting for everyone.

#7: Video Record the Trip
No matter how silly it seems at the time, vacations videos (even if it’s just of your family belting out songs like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”) capture some of the most hysterical and fun moments that you can revisited 5-50 years down the road. If you have a video camera, make it a priority to videotape the kids as much as possible—they’re only young once.

Probiotics – The Good Gut Bugs

Dave Tabaczynski, Founder of PHD probiotic products

Did you know 90% of the cells in your body are actually bacteria? These probiotics, or active cultures, are naturally-occurring friendly bacteria that form a protective layer in our digestive tract. 70% of our immune system is in our gut and is regulated by these bacteria, so it’s important to maintain a good supply of them. These good gut bugs help digestive and immune function, remove toxins, process vitamins, and crowd out harmful bacteria.

Probiotic-enhanced foods and beverages are taking off because of their health benefits – just look at any store’s yogurt section. However, not all probiotics are created equal, and there are a few things you should know when choosing a probiotic product to make sure it’s effective. As a microbiologist, I have been studying probiotics for years and I’d like to share a few pointers on how to choose a good probiotic product.

  • Strength in numbers: Multiple strains (species) and doses in the billions of cfu (colony forming units, or cells) are better than a single strain. Think of it like a multivitamin versus just taking Vitamin C. While there are some amazing products on the market with single strains of probiotics, in general multiple strains of probiotics will have a wider ranging health benefit. Look for products with 6+ strains and a dose of at least 5 billion – you won’t overdose, what your body doesn’t use, will leave as waste.

  • Fiber is the answer: Also called “prebiotics,” the best fibers enhance the effectiveness of probiotics because 1) they feed the probiotics so they can better grow in your system, and 2) they slow the transit time throughout your body so that the probiotics can stick to your insides. While probiotics in the pill format don’t have room for much fiber, if any, there are some products out there like cereals and bars that incorporate it well.
  • Alive is effective: Many manufacturers of probiotic products simply mix in some beneficial bacterial strains and slap the word “probiotic” on the label. However, the good bugs need to be kept alive for maximum effectiveness, and they are very sensitive so they often die off over time in yogurts and other foods. If they are kept dry, have a food source, and are in the right pH environment, probiotics can be kept alive much longer until you’re ready to consume them.

I have designed several probiotic products with these three factors in mind. Our PHD TO GO™ drink mixes each have 6 strains and a dose of 10 billion CFUs, and they also contain plenty of complex prebiotic fiber. Most importantly, the probiotics are kept alive for 18 months in the packets to ensure they’re as effective the day you mix them with water as the day we made them. You can get it online at and be sure to enter promo code LWMF at check out for 20% off – that way we know you found it on this blog. An effective product like PHD TO GO will make a difference in your digestion in a day or two at the most.

This article is courtesy of Dave Tabaczynski, Founder of PHD probiotic products. Check out their website at and don’t forget to use promo code LWMF at checkout..

Still Looking For Guest Bloggers!!!!

Our family will be going on vacation (thank goodness) from July 26th – August 2nd and are looking for a few good people who would like to be featured on our blog that week as guest writers.

The only things we ask is that your post be original and that you do not also publish the post on your site or any other site. We do not want to be penalized and have our Google page rank suffer due to duplicate posts. Please submit your ideas ASAP if interested to The post will need to be due to us by July 20th so that we have time to get everything setup.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Looking For Guest Bloggers

Our family will be going on vacation (thank goodness) from July 26th – August 2nd and are looking for a few good people who would like to be featured on our blog that week as guest writers.

The only things we ask is that your post be original and that you do not also publish the post on your site or any other site. We do not want to be penalized and have our Google page rank suffer due to duplicate posts. Please submit your ideas ASAP if interested to The post will need to be due to us by July 20th so that we have time to get everything setup.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.